Sunday, February 5, 2012

Better safe than sorry

I have been trying to be good with my mileage since I really haven't been running in awhile and I don't need to end up with shin splints, etc. from doing too much too fast.  Here's my training log from August 2011 til now.

My weekly mileage (week of 31 Jan)
I hadn't planned on running 5 miles on Wednesday but I had to find my house key.  Afterwards, I was feeling my IT band.  I've had twinges in the past with this so I knew what I was feeling.

On Friday, I'd planned on running before my last (hopefully ever) PT appt.  I only had time for 2 miles but I had to take advantage of such nice weather in Feb.  My IT bands protested the run.    I talked to my PT about what I could do to stretch them out better.  He suggested getting a foam roller and rolling out my leg with it.  I tried it there and ouch! that hurts but it felt better afterward.  So now, I'm a proud new owner of a foam roller.  (surprised I hadn't gotten one of these earlier!).  Here's a link to  how to foam roll from MichaelRunner.

I'd planned on running the Frostbite 5 miler this weekend in Centerville since the weather has been awesome, and today it was 48 degrees.  But I decided to be a responsible.  I can not get injured again, especially after forking over $80 for the Flying Pig Half Marathon.  So what did I do instead? Ran in the neighborhood- just 3 miles with plans on quitting as soon as I felt my IT bands. It actually was a great run no pain at all.  I made sure to foam roll after.   

I've been working on my training plan for the half and I think I've made a good compromise. I originally wanted to do the Hal Higdon's Novice B plan with low mileage then I looked at the intermediate plan and I felt that was more my speed. I love track workouts- my running partner not so much.  Plus we both have other classes/cross training that we want to keep doing this spring.  So here's my plan- basically a cross between the 2 plans.  I wanted to keep my spinning as part of cross training but by the end of March my son's soccer practice starts so I had to switch my days for spinning.  I'm planning on being "one of those moms" who workout while their kids are practicing.  I don't need to watch every soccer drill!  The nice thing is the park where he practices has a mile loop bike path (and an 400 m. path around a lake.   

So, on a completely funny note, here are some great videos that cracked me up.  Oh, silly runners!
I saw this one on the Boring Runner- loved this one.

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  1. You are one of my blogging inspirations! Thanks for the videos!


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