Monday, January 21, 2013

latest and greatest ankle injury pictures

Day 3 Dr. office
bottom of my foot is totally bruised just by sitting down waiting.

Ahhh, comfort! Now I can put some weight on my ankle.

day 4 AM bruising setting in

bruising on the inside too

Day 4 PM,  more colors

day 4 pm
Day 5 more bruising- back to work

bruising more in the medial side

Day 7 AM one week after

day 7AM

Day 8, more swollen today- tried to walk around too much yesterday

Right ankle normal, left ankle still swollen (just after I took off the ace bandage)

What my ankle normally looks like

What my left one looks like on day 8

Day 9 am

day 9 am
Yay! You made it through all my lovely pictures.  I'm grossed out by them but at the same time it's interesting to see how your body reacts to trauma.  I never thought my toes would be bruised by an ankle fracture for example.

Recovery wise- I last blogged on Monday- 2 days after my accident.

Tuesday (day 3)- RICE and Dr. Appt where I got a boot.  I have to say, I love the boot.  I couldn't but any weight on my ankle/foot before and now I can so it's helping with walking with crutches.  The official diagnosis:  Avulsion fracture of my fibula. Basically, my calcaneofibular ligament ripped off my fibula and took a chunk of bone with it. It was really tiny in the xray. So this is usually treated like a sprain.  6 weeks and I should be good.

Wednesday (day 4)- RICE and got up more and got used to the boot and crutches.

Thursday (day 5) back to work- kept off my feet as much as possible, iced 2x during the day.

Friday (day 6) work- walked around for about 1hr without crutches- small victory.  Later that night, same thing.

Saturday (day 7- 1 week)  Rested, but feeling frustrated of not being able to work out and irritable cleaned the house with headphones on.  I did some ROM exercises, abcs and flexing it. Over did it, and hurt later that night.  grrr.

Sunday (day 8) RICED, babied it, crutches, etc.  I was able to bear weight on it and actually took a few steps before going to bed to try it out.  The only place it hurt was the medial side...strange- the opposite side from the injury. Hoping it's just stiff.

Monday (day 9- today)- I'm going to try just wearing the boot today and skip crutches.  Wondering if the pain I get in the boot is from just being stiff.  Although as I type it hurts and I haven't even been up in 30 minutes.  Probably need to elevate it!

So my goal this week:  to try to wean from the crutches and to increase ROM.

One week down, 5 to go (hopefully!)


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  3. I can almost feel how painful your ankle injury is for you through browsing these pictures. But it's good that you've been following what your doctor advised you to do. That's important to ensure timely recovery. By the way, were you able to join the Air Force Half Marathon last September 21? I sure hope you did. Please be more careful now!
    Sienna @ Fort Lauderdale Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

    1. I did. I'm definitely being more careful. I doubt I'll run trails much in the future.

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