Sunday, March 24, 2013

Race Recap: Yep you read that right

The last 2 years I've done this 5k  both times I've bettered my old high school 5k PR of 21:50.  Two years ago, it was 21:30 and last year it was 21:13.  I love this race! How can you not when you PR every time?  Maybe because it is always chilly and a ton of people who are fast run it, maybe because it's close enough to home, I don't have to get up so early to get there. 

Whatever it is, this year was no different....except for my stinking ankle.  I PR'd again, this time though, it would be my Personal Record worse run 33:31.  I'm not ashamed of it, it is what it is, and I ran 2/3 of it.  Let me back up to last weekend.

9 wks and swollen again.
My friend had a free entry into the Harrigan's race this year and wanted to know if I could do it.  I've been running (if you can call it that) for the last 3 weeks (just once a week- test out the ankle) and on last Friday I ran 1 mile pain free.  (Just some stiffness).   Anyways, I said sure.  I can always walk it.  Then on Sunday this is what my ankle looked like:---------->

Now, I'm doubtful.  I hadn't even done anything, except chill out at home without the ankle brace.   WTH?  So all week, I wondered if I should just bail or walk the whole thing.  I decided finally after the swelling went down and some good PT sessions to just go for it and walk the first half of the race and run the second part. 

Bernie and I after the race.
Day of the race, meaning yesterday, I meet up with my friends Tracy and Bernie at the start of the race.  Bernie is going to walk it with me.  Yay! I was not looking forward to walk by myself.   So, off we go, walking the first mile, trying to stay out of the runner's way.  Lots of tutu clad walkers/runners, and some random dudes in gigantic mustache costumes in the back.  First mile walked in 15:00 pace, so we start to run.  That was the best idea ever!!!!! We passed people the next 2 miles- helped with the depressing idea that I walked in the first place.  Mile 2 in 9:15.  Ankle felt fine- a bit stiff but no pain.  Mile 3 in 9:05- I felt great.  In fact, I told Bernie that I was going to push it the last .25 of it and sprinted past a ton of people. According to my Garmin I had a 5:40 pace for a little bit of it!
Probably my strongest finish ever!
Was running a good idea?  Yes. Totally worth it for keeping me sane.  I can see there is light at the end of this injury tunnel. 
Did I feel it later?  Yep.  My DH doesn't like the comparison to hamburger with my ankle- but it just felt raw and chewed up inside the joint, and tight and pulling on the outside.  Advil and some ice and I'm feeling a bit better today although it's still tender and I won't be running again (until next weekend-that is). 
Next up...Follow up with the Dr. tomorrow if we're not snowed in.  8-10 inches of snow forecast-ed  for overnight and I have an 8 am appt.  Probably going to have to wait on that one.

So proud of my running partner- 3rd place in the old lady category! JK, Carrie!

Ankle day after 5k- not to bad according to the cat.

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