Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cincinnati Flying Pig 3 Way Challenge: Race Recap part 1

Sorry this has taken so long to post.  I've been dealing with the end of the school year stuff and too much soccer for Cub.  I've been busy to say the least. 

History:  I've run the Flying Pig 10k two years ago, 1/2 marathon last year, and this year:  Flying Pig 3 way challenge, which means you run a 10k, then a 5k on Saturday AM then the 1/2 marathon on Sunday AM.  I'd planned since October to do this and was completely bummed when I messed up my ankle in Jan and didn't think I'd run it.    I think it is so cool that you can run this!  Where else can you do that all in a weekend?  

Expo:  This expo is pretty darn extensive.  Packet pick up was pretty straight forward, they had the 3 way and 4 way challenge bibs set apart so no need to get in 3 separate lines.  I still did since I was getting my running partner (I guess I can still call her that) and my kids and dh's bibs for the 5k.

 The Flying Pig Marathon is sponsored by Procter and Gamble which means: tons of free samples!!! woot! woot!  They have a very well organized line that went fast and I now have a nice supply of Olay Regenerist lotion, Secret, Gain, Tampax, and a ton of other stuff which my dh squirreled away before I take a picture of the loot pile.  (We had 4 participant bags so we took handfuls of stuff). 

The normal venders were there and I did score a new sweaty band for my birthday and some blister powder (since I got a hot spot on foot on my last run before the races-I was paranoid). I also bought a new pair of running/athletic sunglasses since I hate squinting while running in the summer.  We checked out I have to say it's nice having your birthday always around the same time as the Pig-I just drag my dh with me to the expo and birthday shop! ;-)
My favorite Flying Pig and all my loot!
2013 Race Shirts
 At the end of the expo center (it took us a good 1.5hrs to get through) we got to the shirts and the premiums for the half/full runners.  This year they gave us a nice soft cooler with the flying pig logo, nice cotton tees for the 5k, 10k and  an Asics tech shirt for the half.  Then they give out these cool posters with the artwork from the shirt. 

I love this expo!  It's totally worth the extra trip down to Cinci! 

PS If you love my t-shirt "I run this body" check out http://www.mile-posts.com/

Tomorrow:  Flying Pig 3 way challenge 5k and 10k race recaps

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