Monday, December 29, 2014

Year of Redemption

2014 has been the year of redemption for me and after 2013, I needed it.

I have so many things to be happy about it so I'm just going to list them:

  1. Boston Qualified at the Columbus Marathon in October. PR of 3:44:09- a dream for so long but the first time I really attempted to go for it. I'm thrilled, now I barely qualified by 51 seconds so I have to wait til Sept 2015 to see if I get to run it. Must. be. patient.
  2. Ran 3 marathons this year without getting hurt (Flying Pig, Columbus, OBX)- I told myself if I was within 10 mins of a BQ time at Cincinnati, I'd run another marathon this year. I did Columbus in October, trained for a BQ time and succeeded but... I had a rough time after mile 16 and ran 9 mins slower than planned (I should have blogged about that...) So, what did I decide to do? Head out the the OBX for a marathon 3 weeks later- I'm in shape, right? Maybe, I can run better.  (yeah, that didn't happen- ran 20 mins slower and felt like crap.  Not my most brilliant idea.)
  3. PR'd in the marathon and the half New PR in the half at the Air Force Half Marathon 1:47 (although I really need to focus on the half) and Columbus Full in 3:44:09
  4. Joined the Oiselle Flock in July- I've loved Oiselle stuff for years but it was when Lauren Fleshman and then Kara Goucher joined them that I got really excited. They are just awesome.  When I looked into their athletes, I noticed that they didn't have just elites but ordinary runners too. I set my eyes to finding out about joining them and in July they opened up the Flock.  I'm proud to help out the emerging athletes and represent a company that is so supportive of woman athletes. Here's an awesome article about CEO Sally Bergesen from Outside Online. I love having a group of woman who are so supportive. Love my #flockmates!
  5. Selected to be a Nuunbassador for NUUN- I submitted my Nuun ambassador application and figured I didn't blog enough to get this, even though, I haven't drank anything other than Nuun for years for my electrolytes.  Score one for: "you don't know unless you try". 
  6.  Picked to be a wear tester for a major running shoe company- BTW, cool shoes in Spring 2015 coming your way...can't say more than that!
  7. Ran 1607 miles this year -(double of what I did last year)
  8. Found a training plan that works for me. Love you, Hanson's Marathon Method!
  9. Found a chiropractor who works with serious athletes - thanks, Dr. Pat! If you live in Dayton, OH, I highly recommend him!
  10. Having an awesome, supportive husband who supported my dreams this year - I couldn't have done this at all without my dear husband.
Now, it's your turn- What were some of the best things that happened this year for you?

 My year in pictures:
Columbus Marathon 2014

Columbus Marathon 2014 with Cub

Cincinnati's Flying Pig Marathon in May

Smashed 4 hr mark, 3:48

1st race representing Oiselle (with Buster)

My number #1 fan, support team!
Family 5k

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