Saturday, April 4, 2015

Digging this tri business

I have finished week 3 of triathlon training and I'm really digging it. I look forward to the different workouts.

Sundays and Wednesdays are my swimming days. Sunday, we meet with our swim coach, Jeni, who goes over basic drills with us, for example, streamlining our push off the wall. I'm not a swimmer (unless you count that one summer in 7th grade I did swim team) so this has been really useful. I'm getting more comfortable in the water without feeling like I'm holding my breath. I just need to relax more and probably should add another day in the pool for more practice.

Mondays and Thursdays have been cycling. Monday is with the group from Up and Running (UAR). We meet at a bike path and cycle for 7 and turn around. It has been good to get more comfortable on the bike. I still hold on with a death grip but did manage to change gears this time. Last week I stayed in the same gear the whole time.  I haven't wiped out with the clips since the first time. Thursday, I've ridden the trainer and discovered the world of YouTube trainer videos!  I still need to practice gear shifting more and getting my water bottle out and drinking while riding. ( seriously, It's hard (for me at least)). This week we're starting brick workouts. I can't wait! 

Tuesdays and Saturdays are running days. This can be an easy run but I'm making it Track Tuesdays. I'm using Lauren Fleshman's workouts of the week on Strava. They are amazing! Love a good speed workout. Saturdays are more about distance and easy pace. I'm still working on my IT BAND Issues so I'm only up to 5.5-6 miles before IT band lets me know that's too much. I want to incorporate more days running but I haven't yet. I guess that will change with the brick workouts...

Anyone doing their 1st triathlon this spring?  

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