Sunday, December 3, 2017

Product Review: Knuckle Light Colors

Disclaimer: I received Knuckle Light Colors as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) and check out to review and write race reviews. 

Now that the it's that time of year, when the sun goes down right after work, I've found myself reaching for my nighttime running gear. I have some cool reflective stuff and the original knuckle lights. I jumped at the chance to try the new knuckle light colors and design change.  

The Knuckle Light Colors come with batteries (2 AA batteries) so you can start using them immediately.  This is a nice improvement from the originals that needed 2 AAA batteries for each unit.They weigh less than 3 oz with loops that go around your hand so you don't have to actively hold them. I didn't even notice wearing them. That was especially nice when I ran an early morning run but finished up in the daylight. I could reach for my water bottle and not have to fumble with my lights.

There are 3 modes for the lights: High, Low, and Blinking. I usually just used high but sometimes blinking on the busier roads to definitely get driver's attention. The name of Knuckle Lights Colors makes you think your lights might be able to change colors. They don't. It's just if you want a outside cover different than black. I still chose black since I'm not a fan of pink stuff and the blue was just not my color. I also thought by husband and sons would prefer black when they use them. I think if they had made the cases in bright colors like neon yellow or orange it might help to find them in the dark or help with visibility plus they'd be more gender neutral. 

Magnets keep them together.
The Knuckle Light Colors give out 120 lumins and it gave a nice wide view. I could see around me. My husband and I walked the dogs (we are puppy sitting) and he used his flashlight which just gave him a small circle but he not could see around him. I walked behind a bit and I could see the tree lawn and yards on both sides. No surprises for me! BTW, holding a leash and the knuckle lights was awesome. The light was in the perfect spot for the dog to see where she/I was going. 

Overall, I really liked the improved design of the Knuckle Light Colors. They are light weight, easy to use and easy to store. They are magnetic and click together so you don't have to worry about losing one. (Which my originals have separated which means I have one that I can use and one I'm still looking for!) 

If you run/walk at night or early morning or even just to walk the dog in the dark. These are awesome! You can use my discount for 15% off at code: BIBRAVEPRO These make awesome stocking stuffers for the runner/walker in your life! 

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