Sunday, December 11, 2011

Goals for the coming year

I was debating on what to write this week.  I've been extremely frustrated about this stupid plantar fasciitis.  I'm sure you are probably tired of my whining, but unless you have ever had it you have not idea how painful it is.  Sadly, I wish I'd just broken my foot or something.  Cast, crutches and some PT...sounds easier then this dumb injury.  Nothing is consistant...somedays my heel feels almost normal then the next day I'll be limping around with sharp knife-like pain in my heel.  I was in tears yesterday after attempting to do some Christmas shopping.  I. HATE. THIS.
  Part of my frustration comes to going and seeing the Dr.  He was not very understanding on how frustrated I've been.  He told me to keep stretching since my Achilles and calves were really tight.  It doesn't look like I've done stretching in the nine weeks since this all started.  He mentioned that if I got my calves to stretch more (at least 10 degrees dorsaflexion- I'm currently at 0 degrees)  my PF would get better.  He planned to give me the shot but I told him that I was going to continue the iontophoresis.  He told me to call if I wanted the shot but no need for a follow up I guess I'm on my own.  Oh- the other thing that got me was that in extreme cases where the calf muscle doesn't stretch- he told me that they "go in and lengthen the Achilles tendon".  Really?  seems a bit extreme, doesn't it?  I just have to keep telling myself...this will get better, I can/will/must be patient. 

So after all this...since no end seems in sight I decided to set some goals for myself. 

My original running goals for the coming year were:
  • Run 5k under 21:40
  • Run the Flying Pig Half Marathon or the Cap City Half  in under 1:45
  • Run the Air Force 10k or Half in under 46:00/ under 1:45
  • Run the Columbus Half Marathon in under 1:45

My realistic goals for 2012:
  • Run/Finish a 5k by March
  • Run/Finish the Flying Pig 10k in May
  • Run/Finish the AF 10k in a "decent" time 
  • Finish Columbus Half
My more realistic goals for 2012:
  • Increase flexibility in calves so they are at least 10 degrees
  • Walk a full day without any heel pain
  • Start running again
  • Strength training and core
  • Spinning- don't go under 11 for resistance- bike at least 20 miles per class


  1. In a podiatrist's a sign read, "time wounds all heals." I guess that's supposed to be funny - but probably not funny to many runners. i can hardly believe I took 2 years off with my foot that still bothers me sometimes. In the end it was good. Now I bike to work spring, summer, fall and run mostly in the winter. It was a long 2 years, but I'm kinda back and have races on the calender again! P.S. Thanks for the coffee!!!

  2. Yeah, I guess it is that time again to think of goals. Here we are half way through December and I reached my goal of 2,011 miles in 2011 last week.

    I think goals should be a stretch, so I like your "realistic goals" rather than the "more realistic goals". :)

  3. Boot Camp Cindy sez...
    Can't wait to see you in the weight room, Woman!!!
    Let's move some lbs!!!!


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