Saturday, December 17, 2011

Iontophoresis- week 2

Best image I've found to describe Iontophoresis
I'm thinking that the cortisone shot is in my near future.  I have now done 6 our of 10 treatments of dexamethasone via iontophoresis and my foot is still the same. 

I tried the "other" way of doing iontophoresis yesterday.  Instead of a patch that I had to wear for 24 hours, I had to have the patches on for 20 mins. and have them attached to a "gizmo"-I'm very tech saavy, can't you tell?    I'm hoping that it works better.  I did feel the current, slightly tingling sensation on the patches so maybe? just maybe the medicine is getting in. 

Short post today, must take advantage of kids and hubby out of the house.  More shopping and present wrapping in my future!  

Here are links to my adventures with Iontophoresis:
Iontophoresis day 1
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