Monday, December 12, 2011

Iontophoresis- week 1

I've been doing these iontophoresis patches now for a week. I'm on patch number 4.  I have to wear them for 24 hrs then off for another 24 before getting another.  I'm not sure if it's really working yet.  I always say that I'm cautiously optimistic.  I tend to have a "good day" then it hurts like hell the next or later in the day.  Saturday was one of those days. 

 I'd gotten my 3rd patch on Friday afternoon and I was feeling good Saturday am.  I'd walked to my spinning class from the car and it felt actually normal- no pain!  Since these classes are so popular you have to get there at least 30 mins before to get a bike, so what do I do until the class?  Usually I go and do my PT stretches and work on my core but since my heel was feeling fine I decided to go on the indoor track.  I am really proud that I didn't run- it was really hard not to "just try it out" but walked instead for about 10 minutes.  It felt great.  Awesome.  Iontophoresis must be working...

...or not.  In the afternoon, Buster and I had gone to do some Christmas shopping for DH and Cub.  I was limping around the entire time.  It was a sharp, stabbing, burning pain.  I came home and cried from pain and frustration.  I've never felt so frustrated.  I like to shop.  And I can't. :-(  I spent the rest of the day "resting" and icing.   

I talked to my PT today about my ankle flexibility and we checked.  I was at 0 degrees with my right and -1 degree on my injured left foot.  Now I'm at 4 degrees on right, 6 on left.  Normal is between 10-20 degrees.  Wow.  Trying to stay positive.  At least I improved! Baby steps. Just another umm 9 weeks to get to 12 degrees? 

As for the iontophoresis, my PT said that it would start feeling better like it did on Saturday am.  I just need to be patient.   Not one of my virtues.

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