Monday, January 30, 2012

Yay! and Double Yay!

I had my Dr. appt today to see my results of my MRI.  Yep, I have plantar fasciitis but no stress fracture (which I never really thought I did) or anything weird (wasn't worried about that either).  The good news is that it hasn't been hurting now for almost two weeks.  My doctor wasn't surprised, since it is either the cortisone or it finally just went away.  I guess it just goes away quickly as it came in the first place. I'm still a bit nervous it will come back, so I will continue stretching like a mad woman and using my spiky hard golf ball on my foot. 

I went for a celebratory run with my new Garmin 405cx watch that came today in the mail!  I'm in love.  I have always liked to know my splits and between my old timex and mapmyrun app on my phone it's been kind of working.  I had wanted the Garmin for awhile but they are pricey and then with my heel, I figured there was no rush.  Someone posted that they had gotten one on and I got curious again and looked around on Amazon.  The price seemed to have dropped since a few months ago.

Yay for me.  It was super simple to set up.  You need at least 3 hours to charge it which worked out since I got it when I came home at lunchtime, plenty of time for it to charge, go to my Dr. appt, come back for a run!  It is really simple to use yet so high tech.  I loved to see my splits without having to be aware of where the mile actually was to press split on my just showed up.  There is a little runner guy that is supposed to be your ave. pace for your age/weight/fitness and it will show you if your pace is faster or slower than the suggested pace.  Afterword, with one little download from, my watch was talking to the iMac and voila:  stats galore!  Here's what my first run looked like.
Can you find where I stopped for a car? Hint: look at the blue part. So cool!
  I can only start to imagine what this means for my training....  speaking of....

I'm trying to decide between a 10k or another half in the beginning of May.  I was originally thinking the Flying Pig 10k again since I did that last year, I would only need 8 weeks of training which would give me some more time to build a base back up.  Or do I try for another half? There are 2 possiblities- the Flying Pig Half or the Cap City Half on May 5/6th.   I kinda want to do the half, since training would start in the next few weeks (but the mileage is still low) but I know it probably wouldn't be my best effort.  And, I don't want a repeat of PF...

What races are you doing this spring?  Any suggestions for running the 10k or Half? 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Freeze your thorns off virtual 5k race report

Wednesday I had to take a day off of work for my MRI on my miraculously/cortisone fixed foot.  I'd been feeling pretty good for a week so after dropping off the kids I decided to go for a run.  

It was pretty cold, around 23 degrees, gray sky, and windy.  Sounds like a pretty nice day in Ohio in January.  I set out on one of my normal routes through the neighborhood.  I wish I could say it was exciting but it wasn't.  Other than my legs froze even though I had running pants on- definitely need to find another pair of fleece lined tights!  I use the map my run app on my iphone so I knew where my miles were but I had to guesitmate the .1 mile.  I'm going to say it was 25:44.  I'll take it!  I haven't run seriously in 14 weeks now since my heel problems. 

I hoping this means I'm on the comeback trail.   I swear by spinning now as an awesome cross training activity.  I've been doing it 3-4 times a week for about 12 weeks and I feel cardio-wise I'm where I should be plus my legs feel strong.  I powered up hills like nothing!  I will be definitely be keeping spinning in my training!    

Post run pic for ya

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Feeling good!

So it has been 20 days since I got the cortisone shot and I think it's working.  It took about 2 weeks for it to kick in but for the last week I have hardly had pain in my heel.  I still have pain after getting up after sitting and at the end of the day. (of course, as I write this I get a weird twinge in my foot). But it has been much less- more of a reminder that I need to keep stretching.

I decided to run on it last Sunday.  I bundled up, waited for the football game to be on TV (since it was still snowy/icy- I wanted to run on the road- and around my neighborhood no one is out if a game is on).  Loaded my iphone with the new David Guetta songs off of itunes and map my run and took off running.  It's so nice to get out again and run in the neighborhood.  I felt great and just kept going.  I ended up running 5.23 miles!!!  Wow!  I couldn't believe it- I was more impressed that my pace was that fast.  I haven't run, really, in 13 weeks.  Unless you count the few times I went out for a few short runs.  I guess going to Spinning class 3 times a week can keep you in shape.  I was a bit nervous about much it was going to hurt later, but the heel felt ok. Not 100% but about 80%.   Just a bit stiff but not hurting.  Yay!!

Monday, my PT had me do something more exciting than ankle strengthing and stretching.  I got to JUMP! Nothing like a bit of plyometrics! My only problem was my quads were a bit sore from all the impact of running the day before.

Today,  I had to take a day off of work for my MRI that I scheduled before my "recovery".   I got to take the kiddos to school and then I decided to try another little run.  I did 4 this time.  My legs were frozen, esp. my thighs, which made them feel tight.    I guess that's what happens in 23 degrees!  Another good run, 4 miles in 35 mins.   Heel feels ok as of now.

Speaking of the MRI, I feel like a bit of a fraud now.  My heel feels better.  The MRI was to check to make sure I didn't have a stress fracture in my heel.  I can't imagine that I would and still be able to run.  Anyways, I guess I'll know for sure what's going on on Monday when I find out the results.  Then I signing up for some races! (in May and fall- nothing too soon)

In mommy land, my sons' school is doing craft beer fest as a fundraiser.  Got to love private schools!  (don't ask me where I work ;-) )  I can not wait for this!  I am a beer drinker.  Can't stand girly drinks or wine.  Well, maybe a killer cosmo that dh makes but that's it!  Anyways, if anyone is in the Dayton/Cincinnati area and loves craft brews here's a link to my friend KevBrews with the info and beer list. Yum!  BTW it's for adults only. For tickets:

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Getting to know me ...the ABCs

A for Athens, OH- Home of Ohio University, my alma mater and where I met my dear husband (dh).
B for Boys- I have a whole house of them, even the cats!
C is for Columbus Half Marathon- My first/only half I've done. I plan on doing it again in 2012. 
Coffee- I don't wake up w/o it!
D is for Dirty Dude Girl 5k- My first 5k that I actually trained for post-babies.  It was really muddy and a ton of fun!
E is for Enrique- Enrique Iglesias- last concert I went to- plus his birthday is the same as mine- including the year.
F is for Flying Pig- Cincinnati's Flying Pig Marathon. I want to do that this year or next. Did the 10k last year, might try it again, since my heel isn't healed yet. 
Fascia- tough tendon like stuff on the bottom of your feet.  Next time you cut up chicken- note the white stringy stuff that's tough to cut- that's fascia. Lovely isn't it?
G is for goals- I need goals especially for running.  This year's goals keep changing but as of now:  Not to have PF pain after running, to train and run a 5k in a "decent" time, run/train for 13.1 in the fall.
H is for healing my heel- plantar fasciitis is NOT fun.

Chester with my frozen H2O bottle
I is for icing- frozen water bottle, rolling it under my arch.  
J is for jogging- a term I can't stand to use or hear people use.  It just reminds me of Ron Burgandy and him taking up the new sport of "yogging". 
Kinvaras w/lucky green socks
K is Kinvaras- Saucony Kinvaras are my race shoes.
L is for lasagne- my favorite food!
M is for- Mizuno Wave Riders- my favorite running shoes
N is for No, my usual answer to my boy's questions.
Never give up! Must keep telling myself that.
O is for Ohio State Stadium- "the shoe" Ran on the track there (which now doesn't exist) for the 1993 State meet for track with my 4x800 relay team. I think we were 14th place out of 16 teams- but we made it to state!
P is for planning-  I love training plans.  Hal Higdon's are my fav.
Plantar fasciitis- the most annoying injury known to man- will it ever go away?
Q is for- Qualifying for Boston some day- you got to have a dream!
R is for- Running Skirts absolutely love these skirts- the most comfortable thing to wear to run in. Worth the money. Plus super cute!
S is for stubborn- yep, that's me!
Spinning- my favorite new cross-training activity.
T is for - Tours, France- studied abroad there in college
Top Gear- my favorite TV show currently
U is for Utah- my brother just moved out there. He's a professional photog so if you want to see some awesome pics- here's his link
V is for- Valencia, Spain.  I spent a year living there as an exchange student.
Boston, last January
W is for winter- not a fan. I hate being cold.
X is for- XC- how I got started running back in 8th grade, when I didn't make the volleyball team.  Thanks, Mr. Eleo and Brewer!
Y is for yuck- spiders, snakes, and beets!
Z is for- ZUMBA which got me back to exercising after having Buster in 2006. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

longest short week ever

Not much going on this week...just seemed to go in slow motion.  I had my dr. appt for my xray on Monday and the xray was negative so now I'm waiting for my MRI.  Of course, that requires approval from the insurance co. so I waited until Thursday to get the go ahead.  So now I'm waiting til Wednesday for the MRI and the follow up appt the following Monday. 
The last few days have actually been good, no real pain while walking just when I get up after sitting and at the end of the day.  Progress!   I've skipped wearing my night splint this week as well, since I never have a good night sleep and I don't have any pain in the am (until today-and it was minor).  I don't know what that means since PF pain is usually the worse in the am. I always assumed mine didn't hurt much in the am since I had the splint on.  I guess we'll see soon enough. 

My running partner tweeted this am that she hadn't run in 1 week. I'm totally jealous.    I got curious and I figured out that I have had this stupid heel issue now for 15 weeks, and I have "really" run since the Columbus Half so that's been 13 weeks.  Boohoo. :-( 

Speaking of the Columbus Marathon, today is the first day to register!  Here's the link
If you haven't run this and you live in the midwest.  It is a great race experience!  The expo wasn't great but the crowds and course are fabulous.  I WILL be running the half again this year. I'm going to wait to register for awhile- for obvious reasons. 

Time to get ready to head to a birthday party with Buster.  I going to get my workout scrapping the ice off the car.  I'll leave you with the picture Cub scratched out of the ice/snow.  He wanted the cats to have something to see out of their upstairs window.    

Saturday, January 14, 2012

standing by

Made another appt to see my Dr after my PT urged me to.  My PT suggested that since "we've tried everything" and the cortisone shot only gave me 3 days of relief that I might need to get an x ray.

Part of my PT is stretching and strengthening then I get therapeutic ultrasound on my heel to help with inflammation and topped off with a massage.  Strangely, the ultrasound hurt this time around.  I asked if he'd changed the settings, but they were where they always were.  He turned it down, then after a minute it started to hurt again.  He then got curious and tried using a tuning fork/vibration thingy and touched different parts of my foot and asked if I had any pain.  Nothing with that.  My PT told me that I might have a small fracture/stress fracture since the ultrasound hurt and I haven't had much relief with the cortisone shot. I wonder why the ultrasound hurt this time, when we've been doing it every pt session.  Is it that the cortisone did get rid of the swelling so now I can feel it differently?   So off to the Dr's I go again on Monday...this time demanding a xray.   Seriously? I just want to be able to run.  I'm so done with this.  

Edit 1/16/12:  Negative on the xray for a stress fracture but I'm getting an MRI in the near future.  So, we'll see.  

Monday, January 9, 2012


Sometimes you have to pick yourself up and carry on, but I'm not sure where I'm going

I was so excited to have "survived the dreaded shot".  My foot was sore where the injection when in but my plantar fasciitis pain was gone!  Yay!  I have my new shoes- and I spent my weekend planning my comeback.    I decided that I'm going to use the pfitzinger plan  for people returning to running after a long recovery from an injury.  I love sitting down and writing a training plan.  I love seeing it laid out- where I'm heading.  Here's my plan.  So excited!  Then I'm going to plan for using Hal Higdon's 10k plan for the Flying Pig 10k in May.  I have 17 weeks- plenty of time! I decided that the Flying Pig 1/2 marathon might be too ambitious for the spring time.  So, I am waiting until next week to start this.  I know I need to give my heel time to heal.  I did all of this on Saturday.  Then came Sunday...

I had tweeks/twinges on Saturday night that felt more like my "normal PF" pain.  Then Sunday, I was hopefully going for a small run- I was going to see how I felt after going to the grocery store.  Well, crap, crap, hurt, but it hurt like it did last week. No run today.  Not what I wanted.  So, I bawled, my poor dh thought I'd hurt myself somehow, but I am so frustrated!  Seriously? 4 days? That's it?  So, trying to stay positive, the dr did say it might take a week to fully kick in- so just maybe I need a few more days...  I'm feeling rather pessimistic though. 

So now, where do I go from here?  I like to know what's next.  I'm going to wait til Thursday to call my Dr, since I should at least give it a week, then probably wait another 2 weeks to get in to see him.  I wish I knew what would be next.  I really was hoping this shot would be the cure all...

On other random running stuff...
Read the new Runner's World, and I'm super psyched to watch the 2012  Olympic marathon trials next week.  I didn't know much about Desiree Davila but now I can't wait to see how she does.  Also there are a few locals running who work at my local running store.  Here's a link about Jason Ordway from whom I bought my awesome kick butt shoes Saucony Kinvaras.  Go Jason! 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Dreaded Cortisone Shot

As you probably know I've been trying to avoid getting a cortisone shot in my heel for plantar fasciitis.  Well, today was the day.  I really need to stop looking online about medical stuff since I freak myself out.  I read horror stories about how painful they are and I was dreading going and getting it.

This morning, I was flip flopping from "maybe I should cancel" to "hell with it, let's get this sucker done!".  So when it's finally time for me to go in, and I'm sitting there waiting, I was poking at my foot trying to find the most tender area and nothing- felt pretty good- really was killing me all am and now nothing.  So, when the dr came in and did the same and nothing, a bit tender but not super ouch.  Finally found my most tender spot, right in the middle, oh joy.  Before we did the shot though, I told him I really didn't want to do it and we talked about my newly found allergy to dexamethasone.  He was a bit concerned about it too.  He gave me some other options, such as a steroid pack that would require me to take a pill for a week then you have to be weaned off of it or NSAIDS-which i've been doing.  The shot would be in the same family as dexamethasone but since I only had a skin rash, the chances of something too serious probably wouldn't happen.  So....what did I chose?

Doesn't look like much, does it?
That's right, I'll already prepared to do it.  I just want to be done with PF so I can get back to running oh, and walking around work w/o pain!    So, he numbed up my foot,  took out the long needle- and the rest is history.  Actually my eyes were closed.  It wasn't as bad as I expected, he went from the bottom instead of from the side which (i read online was how must drs did it).  It was like a normal shot just longer- felt like 2 minutes but it probably was 30 seconds. Another way of explaining it would be like after being outside in the snow and having a pretty cold foot, taking off your shoes and stepping on a hypodermic needle.  Natural childbirth was worse but this wasn't fun either.  The only thing he said was that I'd have some residual pain from the needle for the next few days.  I was free to get back to running when I felt ready.  It's only been a few hours and I feel good.  Time for a run!

Edited:  It's been about 10 hrs now and I'm still feeling pretty good.  I'm kind of nursing it a bit, trying not to walk around too much. Definitely feeling like I have a bruise on the bottom of my foot, but no PF pain.  I was worried that I'd get a cortisone flair but nothing.  Thank goodness!

So today ended up being a good day after all!  

1. PF pain feels better (fingers crossed)

New Mizuno Wave Rider 15 plus Chester
2. I got new running shoes! Love Mizuno Wave Riders- and love the new cranberry color! My little reward for being brave at the dr's office. Plus, I'm so sick of wearing my old ones (didn't help I never liked the pink on the old ones- I know, I shouldn't care- but after wearing them day after day to work- I hate them!) But now, I shouldn't need to wear running shoes 24/7 so red running shoes are ok.
I don't need motivation! Don't worry
3. New Runner's World in the mail!

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