Saturday, January 21, 2012

longest short week ever

Not much going on this week...just seemed to go in slow motion.  I had my dr. appt for my xray on Monday and the xray was negative so now I'm waiting for my MRI.  Of course, that requires approval from the insurance co. so I waited until Thursday to get the go ahead.  So now I'm waiting til Wednesday for the MRI and the follow up appt the following Monday. 
The last few days have actually been good, no real pain while walking just when I get up after sitting and at the end of the day.  Progress!   I've skipped wearing my night splint this week as well, since I never have a good night sleep and I don't have any pain in the am (until today-and it was minor).  I don't know what that means since PF pain is usually the worse in the am. I always assumed mine didn't hurt much in the am since I had the splint on.  I guess we'll see soon enough. 

My running partner tweeted this am that she hadn't run in 1 week. I'm totally jealous.    I got curious and I figured out that I have had this stupid heel issue now for 15 weeks, and I have "really" run since the Columbus Half so that's been 13 weeks.  Boohoo. :-( 

Speaking of the Columbus Marathon, today is the first day to register!  Here's the link
If you haven't run this and you live in the midwest.  It is a great race experience!  The expo wasn't great but the crowds and course are fabulous.  I WILL be running the half again this year. I'm going to wait to register for awhile- for obvious reasons. 

Time to get ready to head to a birthday party with Buster.  I going to get my workout scrapping the ice off the car.  I'll leave you with the picture Cub scratched out of the ice/snow.  He wanted the cats to have something to see out of their upstairs window.    

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