Friday, October 19, 2012

Marathon #2 training update

I've been so busy with training, soccer practices and work, I haven't had a lot of time to update.   

It's been going well.  Here was the original plan for another marathon

And here's the real training: 
Mondays had to be a rest day since both boys had soccer practice in different locations at the same time. Thursdays- I used to do spinning but decided family time is more important, Fridays- I run after work before getting the boys.   Sundays used to be my long run day but we have soccer games.

I apologize for the formating- I can't figure out what I did that makes the spacing weird with some of the weeks! 

Week 0 (right after marathon #1)
Monday: rest
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: spinning class (easy)
Friday: rest
Saturday: run 1.5 hrs (9 miles on trails)
Sunday: rest
Week: 1
Monday: spinning class
Tuesday: run 3 m
Wednesday: run 3 m
Thursday: rest
Friday: run 6 m
Saturday: rest
Sunday: run 7 m

Week: 2
Monday: rest
Tuesday: spinning class
Wednesday: run 7m
Thursday: run 3.75 m
Friday: rest
Saturday: run 14 m
Sunday: rest

Week: 3
Monday: run 3 m
Tuesday: spinning class
Wednesday: run 5 m
Thursday:  rest
Friday: run 3 m
Saturday: run 16 m
Sunday: rest

Week: 4
Monday: run 4.5 m
Tuesday: spinning class
Wednesday: run 5 m
Thursday: rest
Friday: plan on running 4
Saturday: plan on running 18
Sunday: plan on resting

Week: 5 planning on doing...
Monday:  3 m
Tuesday: spinning class
Wednesday: 7 m
Thursday: rest
Friday: 3 m
Saturday: 10-12 m
Sunday: rest

Week: 6 planning on doing
Monday:  run 3
Tuesday: easy at spinning class
Wednesday: run 3
Thursday: rest
Friday: rest (travel day to Indy)
Saturday: RACE DAY

 As I said I would, I have played around with my nutrition on the run. I've decided that the e-gels from work for me.  I'm not sure I really like the flavors, but since the consistency is not so thick it's easy to suck them down  quickly.  Last week I tried the Cliff shots gel- yuck- I had to chew it!  No thank you! Plus I got a side stitch every time I had one.   

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