Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving, etc.

Hi everyone,
I've been a complete slacker when it comes to blogging this week.  My life has not been too exciting, except for the fact that my poor dh has been sick, and we had company over Thanksgiving.  Woo Hoo, exciting stuff!

Actually, other than the hubby being sick, we had a great Thanksgiving.  It was the first time in about 5 years that I actually hosted.  My mom and step-dad brought my nephew down to visit.  We had a great time.  My nephew and my oldest son are only 8 months apart so they are into the same stuff and Buster (younger by 2.5 years) was able to join in more of the fun this year.  Lego and Hero Factory galore!

I was a bit stressed since I had to do the bird.  Gulp.  Thank God for the Barefoot Contessa cookbooks.  Everything always turns out golden.  I also have to thank Dorothy Lane Market for their awesome pies and rolls.  That made it a bit easier!  We have a family recipe for rolls that is a "tradition" in our family but frankly, it requires way too much work, and I don't have the kitchen or time to do them.  So dinner was great.  Much relief on my side of things.  My mom and I got out of the house (while the bird was in the oven and went for a walk around the neighborhood.  We probably walked about 2.5 miles.  It was nice to visit and get some exercise outside for a change.  I haven't had a "workout" outside since beginning of Oct.  My heel was bugging me the whole time (not enough to make me say we have to cut it short) but it was killing me when we got back and later at the movies)

We took the boys to see Puss in Boots  in the evening.  They liked it, much cat humor (if you're a cat person), but it was a bit long in parts. Overall, it was  good Thanksgiving.  I was really happy that my stepdad was able to make it since he's been ill this year.

Today I went early to sign up for spinning, then I decided to hop on the treadmill and walk a bit.  Of course, being the treadmills that I was doing some of my training runs on, it was extremely difficult to "just walk".  I was feeling good Friday and Sat am, so figured I might as well try it.  (Even though I knew I had a "bad"day with my heel just 2 days ago) I managed to walk 1/4 mile, run 1/2 mile (at 10:00 pace- slow for me) and walk 1/4 mile.
Overall, one mile.  It didn't feel bad.  I didn't limp, and I went slow enough that my heel didn't bother me! (score!)  I stopped myself from doing more, since the nature of Plantar Fasciitis is pain after the activity, not during, so I didn't want to over do it.  It's been about 10 hrs and I'm still feeling good so, maybe?, I'm on the mend. 

Monday, is my follow dr. appt.  I made that 6 weeks ago, and when I did, I figured I'd cancel it since I'd be better by then.  Hah!  Instead, I'm wondering if I should  go ahead and get the cortisone shot or do the iontophoresis that my PT suggested.  I looked up my insurance coverage- which doesn't cover iontophoresis but I'm still not liking the idea for the shot.  Iontophoresis is less invasive since no long needles need to be shoved under my heel pad and wiggled around, but it takes up to 12 times for it to work.  Both seem to be "temporary" fixes with it only working for a month or so.  I guess that will be convo for the dr.  I'm sure your on pins and "needles" waiting for what happens, right?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

ummm, wrong way

Warning: whine-fest

Last weekend we tackled raking our backyard.  Innocent enough, right? That isn't exercise...really.  Well, after raking, hauling tarps of leavings up hill and on lumpy grass, my heel was killing.  I had been feeling great the few days before (really starting like I was getting somewhere in the recovery dept) and suddenly I was back to feeling like I'd run 5 miles the day before (would have loved to have actually done that). 
This whole week has just been a huge step backward.  Walking at work has hurt more than usual.
Tuesday's spinning class hurt when I stood got out of the saddle (which I did modify btw). grumble grumble grumble.
Weds. I had PT and I now believe that the ultrasound actually does do something because I felt way better after.  Weds. night spinning class was back to normal didn't feel anything when I got off the saddle.  
The mornings have been worse too.  I have been wearing a night splint since the beginning of this whole Plantar Fasciitis stuff. (48 days- not that I'm counting) The night splint has been keeping my foot in position so that when I get up in the morning it doesn't re-tear/stretch the plantar fascia.  I version I have has velcro around the toes and the velcro has gotten a bunch of fuzz (flannel sheets) on it recently and it has been unhooking in the middle of the night.  I've woke up and fixed it but I don't think it's as tight as it should be.  I tried wearing the sock splint but that one drives me crazy since it pulls on my toes and the velcro by the knee rubs my skin. 

As for treatment, my PT left a message w/ my dr. about getting a script for the iontophoresis.  Which according to the  "Iontophoresis, in which a corticosteroid solution is applied to the skin over the painful area and the medication is absorbed with the aid of a nonpainful electric current".  I really hope I can try this since foolishly I looked up on youtube cortisone shot for plantar fasciitis.  Holy crap- I really don't want it now.  I didn't realize, it's not a normal shot.  1. needle is huge, 2. they move it around while it's in your heel, 3. it hurts like hell (at least for the girl who recorded herself getting one)  I won't post the video since I can't watch it again.  Anyone have experience with a cortisone shot? 

Let's hope next week is better!  Off to stretch! (and unfortunately rake the front yard- as least there are less leaves!) 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Virtual 5k results

Congratulations, Jennifer Juniper!  
Winning my very first virtual 5k with a time of 22:53.  Awesome job!
(Jen, Email me your snail mail address!)
Zumba chica with a time of 23:20! ¡OlĂ©!
KevBrews came in under 30 minutes at 29:35! 

Thanks for everyone who participated!  
I hope to do another virtual run in the future!  

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mommy stuff

What a long, busy week!  Between physical therapy, spinning classes, meetings and team and birthday parties (which I must thank my awesome dh for taking the boys too-so I could spin!)I was ready for a boring Friday night.  Nothing to do, except hang out with the boys. 

Cub and I have been reading Harry Potter and we're on the 4th book and ABC family has the Harry Potter weekend going on!  So we watched the 2nd movie together.  I think Buster enjoyed it too, especially since both boys went to an awesome Harry Potter themed costume party last weekend. Today we're going to rake leaves- so exciting!  That's absolutely fine with me.

Injury update:  Less pain yesterday.  Actually feel like I might be getting somewhere.   I don't have the pain in the heel when I get up out of bed (I use a night splint-which definitely helps out too) but by the time I'm at work it's hurting or if I walk fast (which is how I usually always walk). We're working on strengthening my foot since my pt thinks it's a strength issue.  He mentioned trying Iontophoresis which  is the use of electric impulses from a low-voltage galvanic current stimulation unit to drive topical corticosteroids into soft tissue structures (According to AAFP).  I think I'd prefer this to a shot in the heel with cortisone.  I've been trying be the model patient.  I do my stretches everyday, ice a few times a day, always wear my orthotics (including in my slippers!), not doing any running :(   
Note:  if you can run you should do my virtual 5k, times need to be sent to me by Monday, Nov. 14th! 

Mommy stuff:  My youngest (Buster) was born in September.  I've always planned to start him in school later, since I've always thought boys could use another year to mature.  I'd rather him be 5 for the first month of school then be 6.  I know that when he's a senior in high school that being more mature, physically and mentally will be an advantage.  He's going to be a small guy already.   So imagine my surprise when we went to parent conferences and his teacher suggested that he move up to the 6-9 room next year (which is the Montessori equivalent of 1st -3rd grade).  I was thinking next year he'd do his kindergarten year or the last year in the 3-6 room.  I'm really proud of him that he's doing so well, and I know that in the Montessori system that he will be fine right now, but what happens when he's 13 and starting high school?  My stepmother was a elementary teacher and she has always said that she never met a parent that regretted starting their son later.  My friends at work agreed.  Good thing I have a year to really decide and I know that we probably could keep him in the 6-9 room another year too.

What would you do? 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Virtual 5k for coffee

Way back from the XC coaching days
Since I missing running and you are able to run...I'm going to take on a new role.  Race Director.  Here's how it's going to work.

1.  Run (walk or run/walk) a 5k (3.1 miles) between Nov. 5-14.  This can be a run in your neighborhood, treadmill, trail, or an actual race that you ran this weekend or next.  Just make sure to time it!
2.  Email me your name and time at:
3.  Winner will get a free $5 starbucks card

Now for the fun bonuses:
1.  Become a follower of my blog and get a 30 second deduction on your time
2.  Leave me a comment: tell me what is your favorite coffee from Starbucks 15 sec deduction
3.  Leave me a comment:  tell me how you dealt with Plantar Fasciitis (if you had it)20 sec deduction
4.  Spread the word on your blog (and let me know) and get 30 seconds off

Now go have an awesome run for me!  This is perfect weather for it!

Expanding my horizons and new attitude

Plantar fasciitis is really annoying.  It's been nearly 4 weeks since my half and I still can't walk without pain.  I've had some better days and started thinking I was on the mend, then the next day would be awful.  Seriously?  So annoying.

I decided to try a spinning class at my rec center last Saturday.  I was hooked after the first class.  I got a great workout and it didn't bother my foot and I wasn't sore the next day-except for noting that I sat on a bike for an hour.  Anyways, it was good.  It helped having some of my zumba/rec center peeps there so it wasn't all strangers.

So of course, I decided that this will be my cross training...went to another 2 classes this week (Tues and Weds) and Thursday I had so much pain in my heel, I seriously felt like I'd taken a few steps back in my recovery.  Probably didn't help, that I decided to wear a different pair of athletic shoes and I didn't put my orthotics in.  I regretted that decision as I walked in to work from my car.  I'm so sick of wearing running shoes to work- it's putting a serious damper on the work wardrobe. My pain was in a different spot, not directly under the heel but on the side under the ankle.  My PT told me it was the posterior tibialis tendon and he massaged it along with my plantar fascia on Friday.  We also talked that it might be the toe straps on the spinning bike that might be bugging it.  I was to test this theory today and see how tomorrow is.  Of course, today, my heel was bugging me when ever I stood up on the bike.  Grumble.  

Before spinning, I took a TRX class.  I know I need to add more strength training to my routine.  I just did weights with my legs and my arms and core seriously need help.    Wow.  My body feels like jello this afternoon.  I know that both the spinning and TRX are going to help my running in the spring. 

Looking at the positives:  PF is making me have to cross train.  WHICH. IS. GOOD.  I need it- I will come back a stronger runner.
Negatives:  I can't run and it's been 34 days since this whole thing has started. I am not a very patient person...can we be done with this?

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