Monday, February 18, 2013

Yay! PT

Ankle injury update:  
Better than the boot or aircast!
  • Dr. said I could start PT, ditch the boot and upgrade to a smaller sleeker ankle brace for 6 weeks.  Yay! 
    Can you see that lump in front? 
  •  I have swelling still in the front of my ankle which makes my ROM (range of motion) pretty limited but it's way better that it was 5 weeks ago.  I have a nodule in the front that the Dr. spent more time poking at then anywhere else.  He says he sees this on occasion and that it's fluid trapped under something or another.  So technical I know, but it was a week ago. 
  • I went back to my PT who helped me with my planter fasciitis.  
  •  I get to start with fun things like:
    • stretching my calf (BTW- impossible with swelling!), As I sat there, with my toes half way up on of those boards for stretching your calf and trying to hold it for 30 secs. was so hard.  It hurt (was it more than 4 on the pain scale, yes, so technically I shouldn't do it, but I didn't say anything, since that seems to be key for ROM). 
    • lovely ROM stuff with the BAPS board (sitting down), 
    • scooting around the office backwards on the rolly chair (best part!), 
    • marching on a cushy pad 
    • stepping up and over a 4" board (and it was tough).  
  •  I get to have ultrasound to work on the swelling, manual manipulation of my ankle (trying to get it to move in the right ways) and a nice massage to work the swelling down.
  • Then ice for 10 minutes. Fun times! x 3 week, but progress is time Therabands!  woot! woot!
Only 76 days til the Flying Pig Half.  I'll be ready, right?  Trying to be optimistic, I hoping if I keep up my cardio, then the running won't be too bad to get back, right?  I can dream.  

Cardio of the week:  Spinning 3 days this week, kept resistance down- no pain! 

A few of my favorite Pins of the week:

Monday, February 11, 2013

13 13.1 challengers

Thank you everyone for signing up for the challenge.  I have to say I'm so sorry that it has taken me this long to post.  I've been down and out dealing with this whole broken ankle thing.  I'm feeling better now that I'm out of the boot and I can start PT.  Trying to stay optimistic that I'll be able to do participate in my own challenge.   Although, I think most of my races will be near the end of the year. :-) 

So as of now here are my challengers:  

Jennifer F
Shona W  @
Renee C
Carrie R  @runzlikeagirl
Bill D @
Aneta Z

Total so far:
Renee- 2
Aneta Z-2
Yolanda- 3

Still want to do it?  Here's the info:  13 13.1s in 2013 challenge

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Yes, I'm alive and well

I haven't been in the mood to blog lately.  I haven't been doing much with my bum ankle and I've been feeling sorry for myself.

Ankle Update:  It's been 3.5 weeks since I injured it and I've got 2.5 weeks left (until it's healed?).  I keep going between: optimism- this will heal quickly and I might still be able to eek in some training before the Flying Pig (13.1, 10k 5k) and pessimism-I can't workout, I'm stressed, everyone and their mother is telling me it's going to be a long recovery and I shouldn't push it.

It's still swollen but compared to my last post- down a ton.  I'm still pretty swollen along the joint line, and behind the (c)ankle. I still have a weird pain on the medial side of my ankle (opposite to my injury) although it's not as bad as it was.   I'm wearing the boot still at work- since I'm on my feet most of the day.  At home, I'm using an elastic brace that gives me mild support.  My ankle is feeling not as weak as it did last week.  I'm doing my ROM exercises that I prescribed myself along with Dr. Google.  Don't worry- nothing that causes pain.  I've tried last weekend to go boot free to go grocery shopping.  It hurt- but I think it might have been more my cheap ankle brace (ditched that one- it rubbed against my ankle bone- not good)  Anyways- moved my Dr appt up to Monday so I can at least start PT soon.

Yesterday, I went for a massage.  Wow.  I figured she'd not touch my ankle, but no, she worked on it very gently and reduced the swelling in the front joint line and along the ankle bone.  She thought it was weird that I was swollen on the joint line too. 

Anyways, she told me that a great homeopathic anti-inflammatory was castor oil.  I guess you wrap your ankle in strips of cotton soaked in castor oil, wrap that with Saran Wrap, and a sock and leave it overnight or use it with a heating pad.  She swore by it.  Needless to say, I'm trying it.  It can't hurt, can it? We'll see how it goes, since I'm doing it right now.  I'll let you know if works.

Then, I WORKED OUT!  My god, I've never been so happy to workout!  Not only did I spin, but my fav instructor happen to be subbing!  Double yay!  I used my soft ankle wrap, clipped in my shoes before hoping on the bike.  The first few minutes were a little rough- my ankle was stiff- but it worked out.  I kept resistance down.  I even stood- i know, but I can't sit in a bike saddle for 50 minutes straight!
 Today, I felt fine, no damage from last night, so I'm going to get back to spinning. Yes, I'll take it easy.   My mood has been so much better today as well.

A few quotes to inspire or make you laugh.

Yeah, I work out.

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