Saturday, January 5, 2013

13 13.1s in 2013 Challenge

Welcome to the 13 13.1s in 2013 Challenge 
for those of you who are 
"half" crazy!

Here are the rules:

1.  You must run 13 half marathons in the year 2013. These don't all have to be official races.  These could be training runs, too. (That can be any run 13.1 or over)  We all know that races get expensive.

2.  Keep track of your races/runs and times.  Email me them at the 1st of each month.  I'll post them along and a link to your blog/race recap.  If you don't have a blog that's fine too!

3.  Post a link to my blog/this page on your blog (if you have one!) I'll post links to bloggers who are participating!

4. Have fun and at the end of the year you'll get some type of award- or at least bragging rights!

How do you enter?

Leave a comment with a link to your blog.  That's it.  This will be fun! 

Don't think you can do it? 
  • you don't have to do a race every month, you can bunch them up.
  • they don't have to be official races- training runs are good too!
 Here's some motivation for you:


  1. I don't know if I can do this, but I will try.

  2. OMG I'M IN!! I'd wanted to do something like this but I don't know which country I'm going to be in from one month to the next right now so until things settle I can't really sign up for any races. I still hope to do some races later in the year but I like the thought of setting myself a couple of my own 13.1 runs to test myself through the year. I'll blog and update on my blog . Please pop by and follow if you like it :)

  3. I've blogged about it therefore it's going to happen. Here's my blog post
    Thanks for the challenge :)


  4. Here is my info to sign up.
    I just completed half #3

    1. Find me on DailyMile too!


    I'm in! thanks!

  6. This idea actually came to me in the shower too, only just last week. Fortunately I have already run 2, Phoenix in January, 1:56(wow for me), and Ralston Creek in Colorado in February (brrrrrrr), my next one in March 23 in Golden Colorado. I don't have a blog, but my email is Yes, I am still on AOL. Can I still be in!

    1. Sure you can enter! Glad you found me!

  7. I am a breast cancer survivor and have recently fell in love with running. I have ran five half marathons this year and admire the challenge of 13 13's in 2013. I would love to join you in this same challenge.


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