Saturday, March 21, 2015

Out of my comfort zone

My goal this year is to train for the Columbus Marathon in mid October and better my BQ time so that i have a better chance to get in Boston. (I'm convinced my squeaker time of :50 under my BQ qualifying time won't be enough). Backing up 18 weeks plus 6 weeks of base gets me to the beginning of May where I need to be 100% healthy. So what do I do until then?

Do a triathlon. 🏊🚴🏃

I have lots of friends who do them and I've been curious but not had the time in my training, nor the real desire to get into the pool. Plus I have a mountain bike and don't like lakes for swimming. So ... Doesn't look promising for me. But, my fav running store Up and Running (UAR )is offering a beginner triathlon training group with the tri at the end being a pool swim on May 10!  Score! Then I asked my friends if I could borrow a road bike and score, got one! No more excuses for me. 

I'm going to say this week as been a weeks of firsts: first lap swim in 25 years, first wipeout on a bike (darn clips) in 30 years, first time in a tri suit (not a flattering look, I must say). 

Sunday, we had our swim assessment with our coaches. I was a bit nervous ( I'm out of my comfort zone here) but I managed ok. Then we worked on drills, again, out of my comfort zone. That whole no being able to breath when you want is challenging! 

Monday, we met for the group bike ride. It was 70 degrees ( 1st time this spring) so we took it outside. I came early and had my coach adjust the clip on the left side ( my bum weak ankle can't twist out of the clips - learned that quickly earlier this week- bruise, skinned knee to prove it). We rode 14 miles on the rails to trails bike path. It's been a while that I've been on a bike for an hour! It took me a few minutes to get used to my friend's bike but soon I was cruising between 14-16 mph. That seems so fast to me since I'm used to going a nice easy pace with my boys.  I nearly got taken out by a groundhog who decided to cross the path (I actually braced for impact- along with a squeal) but he stopped short and I lived another day. 

Tuesday's will be my running days, I did 5k at 8:20 pace. Felt great! I'll probably make Tuesday's my speed day. Went to UAR after to try on a tri kit. Wow, you can't hide any imperfections in those. It's a pretty sweet professional looking kit though and the price is great so now I'll not have to worry about the race day outfit. 

Wednesday is swimming on my own. I got to the pool at the beginning of lap swim after work. I did my drills and kept my eye on the clock; thirty minutes and I was out of there. I'm going to have to work on my attitude towards swimming.

Thursday was biking on your own. It was a cold 45 degrees so it was either trainer at home or spin class. I did spin class.  Ran 2 before class as well.

Friday is rest day and PT- my glutes were burning- yeah for clamshells and storks!

Saturday- run day. I went to UAR for the group run, I love it when I'm done, but it's always awkward when I haven't been there in 6 months, because I know the routes, recognize the regulars, but no one remembers me too much. Got to work on that! 

So that was my week. I'm excited about the tri group since I'm out of my comfort zone and thrilled to have a race on the calendar! 

Any suggestions for a noob to triathlons?

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