Thursday, June 8, 2017

Shoe Review: Adidas UltraBoost X

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I love Adidas running shoes. I've been wearing the Adidas Energy Boost 3 for about a year. I jumped at the chance to try out the UltraBoost X.

1st impression: These look like minimal shoes. They came with a sock-upper glued to a running shoe sole which definitely was not minimal (10 mm drop) I immediately worried about my Powerstep Pinnicle inserts that I've used in my shoes since a nasty case of plantar fasciitis about 5 years ago. I also worried that my narrow heel would slip a ton without being able to lace lock the laces. This was all forgotten as soon as a slipped them on!

These shoes cradle your foot in what the website calls a "Primeknit upper" that includes a "floating arch". They fit like a glove or slippers. These shoes felt amazing. I never tried these shoe with my inserts because with the arch being how it was it seemed that it wouldn't work right. The upper was supportive with out being restrictive. My heel didn't slip at all which shocked me! I felt fast, too! The Boost cushioning was very responsive. I felt like I was running clouds but not in that "floating, can't feel the road" kind of way. Kind of like when you don't normally run on a track, then you do, and it feels like it gives energy back to your legs.

I wore these with socks with the exception of one time. Even without socks the Primeknit upper was so comfortable. Adidas has pads around the opening where it could rub against your ankle bones. I have an accessory navicular bone on one foot and my Energy Boosts always rub there but the Ultraboost X didn't at all.
padding in the inside is hard to see but it's there

I think these shoes would be awesome for triathletes. You could slip on the shoe with the laces tied and be out of T2 in a heartbeat. I didn't run long distances in these shoes since I got them right after my last marathon so my runs were shorter. I think that these could be used up to a marathon without problems.

In addition to wearing these to run in, I did just wear them around and got some street cred with my high school students who told me they were "lit". In fact, numerous people from teenagers to grandmas told me they liked my shoes. Once these are "retired" they will be my go to shoes.


  • Most comfortable shoes I've worn
  • superior cushioning
  • arch support is actually there (although it does take a different appearance than traditional shoes
  • responsive
  • light 8.3 oz
  • awesome styling


  • wear and tear seem to be showing after a month on the uppers, snagged on the side on one shoe so I have big loop hanging off
  • may not work if you must have an orthotic in your shoe
  • not "traditional" looking
  • price tag $180
Fraying starting by the big toe area

Overall, I loved these shoes. If you wear a neutral shoe and have minimal biomechanical problems these shoes are for you. Way to go, Adidas!!!!
note: you can see through my arches

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