Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Feeling good!

So it has been 20 days since I got the cortisone shot and I think it's working.  It took about 2 weeks for it to kick in but for the last week I have hardly had pain in my heel.  I still have pain after getting up after sitting and at the end of the day. (of course, as I write this I get a weird twinge in my foot). But it has been much less- more of a reminder that I need to keep stretching.

I decided to run on it last Sunday.  I bundled up, waited for the football game to be on TV (since it was still snowy/icy- I wanted to run on the road- and around my neighborhood no one is out if a game is on).  Loaded my iphone with the new David Guetta songs off of itunes and map my run and took off running.  It's so nice to get out again and run in the neighborhood.  I felt great and just kept going.  I ended up running 5.23 miles!!!  Wow!  I couldn't believe it- I was more impressed that my pace was that fast.  I haven't run, really, in 13 weeks.  Unless you count the few times I went out for a few short runs.  I guess going to Spinning class 3 times a week can keep you in shape.  I was a bit nervous about much it was going to hurt later, but the heel felt ok. Not 100% but about 80%.   Just a bit stiff but not hurting.  Yay!!

Monday, my PT had me do something more exciting than ankle strengthing and stretching.  I got to JUMP! Nothing like a bit of plyometrics! My only problem was my quads were a bit sore from all the impact of running the day before.

Today,  I had to take a day off of work for my MRI that I scheduled before my "recovery".   I got to take the kiddos to school and then I decided to try another little run.  I did 4 this time.  My legs were frozen, esp. my thighs, which made them feel tight.    I guess that's what happens in 23 degrees!  Another good run, 4 miles in 35 mins.   Heel feels ok as of now.

Speaking of the MRI, I feel like a bit of a fraud now.  My heel feels better.  The MRI was to check to make sure I didn't have a stress fracture in my heel.  I can't imagine that I would and still be able to run.  Anyways, I guess I'll know for sure what's going on on Monday when I find out the results.  Then I signing up for some races! (in May and fall- nothing too soon)

In mommy land, my sons' school is doing craft beer fest as a fundraiser.  Got to love private schools!  (don't ask me where I work ;-) )  I can not wait for this!  I am a beer drinker.  Can't stand girly drinks or wine.  Well, maybe a killer cosmo that dh makes but that's it!  Anyways, if anyone is in the Dayton/Cincinnati area and loves craft brews here's a link to my friend KevBrews with the info and beer list. Yum!  BTW it's for adults only. For tickets:

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