Saturday, December 3, 2011

Roller coaster kind of week

The Gemini at Cedar Point.  My first roller coaster.
High & Low What a week of ups and downs!  So last weekend I was completely freaking out about possibly getting the cortisone shot in my heel.  Well, did I get it? Nope.  Apparently, doctors get sick.  I actually had my appointment cancelled on me.  Needless to say, I was relieved that I wasn't going to get the shot but I was annoyed since I have to wait another week to get in to see the doctor.  
High & Low I was having a frustrating day in general and really wanted to workout.  Well, our local rec center doesn't offer spinning on Mondays but they do offer zumba...hmmm...I haven't been to zumba in over 2 months.  I love zumba and I have a ton of friends who are regulars at zumba so I decided what the hell, might as well try it.  I told myself I'd do a song at a time and if it hurt too much I'd leave the class.  I know you are all thinking- gee, Heather, that might actually not be a good thing to be doing...- I know, I know. Anyways, it hurt about as much as normal walking- although I did modify the jumping stuff.  I lasted about 30 minutes and decided that I shouldn't push myself  too much.  Well... apparently 30 mins was too much.... Tuesday I could hardly walk and limped around work the whole day. Can't complain since I did it to myself and it was great to see my zumba buddies again! 

Low I called the Dr's office and left a message about getting the medicine for the iontophoresis that I was going to talk to the Dr about at the now cancelled appointment.  My PT has been trying to get a hold of the Dr office to get the prescription for the medicine for a while- it's been phone tag and a bit of lack of understanding on how iontophoresis works by numerous people.  So I left a long and rambling voice mail with the physician's assistant about the prescription that I needed, and how I was in a lot of pain, and they cancelled on me and now I had to wait another week. blah blah blah.  That was on Tuesday- I didn't hear anything from them and I had given up that they'd actually act on my voice mail.  Figured I was going to have to wait until next Tuesday. 

High I did manage to get spinning in though this week.  I love my spinning class.  There are only 14 bikes so you have to get there early.  There are about 12 regulars and then the random 2 that got lucky to get in who are new to spinning.  Our instructor is great, great music, great conversation (although- important- not too much talking).  The regulars are all really friendly and chatty so it's a nice bunch of people to ride with.  Our instructor named us the Pitbulls named for good ol' Pitbull.  Anyways, our instructor printed off little certificates for the regulars. I didn't consider myself a "real" regular yet since I've only been going for a month.  But he gave me a certificate too!  Nothing like feeling like part of a group! 

Let's hope these little guys are worth all the trouble to get them!
High Yesterday (Friday) I get a message that the PT office got the script and I could come and pick up and get the medicine.  Yippee!  If I start the iontophoresis then I won't get the shot!  So, after work, run over to the PT office, get the script, run over to Sam's club who seem to be the only pharmacy that carries/knows about how to do the medicine.
Low I get there and they don't know how to do this prescription for Dexamethazone. Apparently- when they looked it up they needed a strength which wasn't on the script.   So they call my Dr.'s office (on a Friday afternoon at 4) and left a voicemail.  They told me that if they got the strength then they could order it and get it in by Monday.  Not what I wanted to hear.  I was really hoping to get started this weekend on it.    Call my PT- he's surprised that they don't know/ and he's never needed the strength on the script before since he's sent other patients there and they knew what they were doing.  By this time, I"m in my frustrated/tearing up stage.  Seriously, why is this so hard? 

High So, drive home, and get a  voice mail on my phone (love AT&T) (How'd I miss the call?) Anyways, the pharmacist who does know what this was, happened to stop by Fri at Sam's club and the pharmacist showed them what it was.  Yay! So back in the car I go, back to Sam's to pick this stuff up.   
Low PT is now closed so I'm going to go during work on Monday, since I want to have at the patch on for at least 24hrs before my dr. appt.  I hope this iontophoresis is worth it...  

Anyone else have a crazy emotional week like me? 

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