Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Belated Christmas!

I can't believe Christmas is already said and done!  We had a relaxing time around here.  Just finishing up some stuff for work, hanging out with the boys, PT and spinning class oh, and of course, shopping!  We had a great Christmas.  Cub and Buster were up at 6 am and there was lots of happy dances of getting the presents that they had hoped for.  The surprise gift of the year was, ready for it...graph paper.  That's right!  $2.30 pack of graph paper for Cub. He loves designing things and had asked for more paper like "the paper with squares on it".  He actually jumped up and gave us each hugs for it.  Santa was very generous with Lego this year and we added up the pieces (which are listed on the boxes) and we managed to acquire 2142 new pieces of Lego!  The biggest set was around 800 pieces.  It has been very quiet around the house as the boys assemble things. :-) 

I managed to get some awesome running stuff from Santa too!  I got a RoadID so my dh can feel better. :-) I got a running skirt and an awesome Nike running jacket.  I am set to start running again!  Speaking of running...

My favorite trail- pix from June race
I managed to give myself the special present of a run for Christmas. I  went  snuck out on Christmas Eve morning to my favorite trail and went for a short 2 mile run.  It hurt (but not bad enough to stop) and I listened to my favorite music and just ran, jumped over rocks, crossed a creek a few times, and smiled the entire time.  Blissed out would be the best way to describe it!  I haven't felt so happy in such a long time. I didn't realize how much of a runner's high you can get!  I also felt pretty in shape.  I've been spinning but I didn't know how it would translate to running but I definitely felt like I could do more.  I stopped myself before I did too much.  I knew that with Plantar fasciitis the pain comes after the activity....and it did.  I could hardly put weight on my foot the rest of the day-even with 3 Aleve!  But it was totally worth it!  Christmas day wasn't too bad, I felt that I was about 85% better then the day of the run.  KT tape helped too.  Today, I feel back to the "normal pain" so not too much damage done.  On the mend...

Yesterday, I tried a new spinning class.  It's at our rec center but it's not one I usually go to since I have to work in the middle of the day.  While we were waiting, I struck up a convo with a girl who had just gotten cycling shoes and we talked about that for a bit.  After the class, we talked about the shoes again and somehow the topic of orthotics came up for in our shoes.  I mentioned that I have PF pretty bad and I have been doing spinning as cross training.  This girl asked me if I'd tried massage therapy on my foot/calf.  She ended up being a medical massage therapist.  Sweet!  I have  an appt. on Thursday to have her work over my calf and foot.  I mentioned this to my PT and he was pretty cool with it and we'll see if it helps!   My pt gave me a new tape job, since I'd brought up my calf massage, and he put KT tape on my calf to lessen the tension on my heel.   We'll see if it works. 

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