Monday, March 19, 2012

Random 6

1.  Training this week (or since last post)
Last Sunday-tried to go out for a 7 miler run after my 5k the day before- failed- got 2 in before my left heel felt bruised again.  It seems I can't run 3 days in a row...grumble.
Monday- Spinning
Tuesday- 6.2 miles in the heat! 80 degrees in Ohio in March?
Wednesday- 3 mile trail run (hoping for a cool shady trail run- but oops, leaves haven't budded yet! Hot and tired.  I had my running clinic that pm too.  More about that later...
Thursday- Spinning class
Friday- rest day= pizza & beer and watching the Ohio University Bobcats basketball team!  Go OU!
Saturday- 3 miles easy
Sunday-7.65 miles (heel started bugging me at 5)  This is so seriously annoying.  I'm going to have to stick my Dr. Scholl's heel pads on top of my orthotics- seriously how much stuff can you pile into a shoe and still have room for your feet?

2. Decisions, decisions-  Air Force 10k or Air Force 1/2 marathon?  Columbus 1/2 or Full?  My time for my Columbus half qualifies me for preferred starting position/seeded at the Air Force Half.  Which is way cool! (and shhhh, I'm not even that fast) So I'm leaning towards the AF half in September and Columbus Full in October. 

3.  How long should I wait to register?  Both AF and Columbus have cut off price changes on March 31. I'm paranoid about the heel...will I be ok?  

4.  Should I submit an entry into the Nuun's Hood to Coast Relay TeamIt would be so cool...but out of my comfort zone...

5.  Go BOBCATS!  Nothing like Ohio University making it to the Sweet 16!
6. Anyone train for a half then turn around and do a full the next month?

1 comment:

  1. I've been considering the same thing. I pretty much decided that if I don't get in to New York via lottery, I'm going to use the AF half as a sort of training run, to help me settle into my pace for the Columbus full. It's hard for me to not go all out in races but I'm I don't think that I could race pace both with such a quick turn around.


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