Thursday, March 1, 2012

  Flying Pig 1/2 marathon training: 
Sunday- Ran my longest mileage since October.  6 whole miles!  It felt great.  I could have keep going.  The hills felt manageable. (Thank you spinning!) We managed to do it 61 mins. which is great considering about 30% of the trail was squishy mud or steep hills.  I have to say I'm glad I have trail shoes for days like Sunday!  Monday- I felt twinges with my stupid heel.  My friend the spiky golf ball took care of that! 
Monday- quick 3.5 miles in the neighborhood- pretty uneventful.

Tuesday- Spinning class- we worked on keeping a consistent pace throughout the workout- 3 sets of 5 mins sitting, 5 mins standing, 5 mins sitting.  I increased my resistance each set.  Managed to PR in my calories85555555555- thank you to my cat- my calories to 700.  I don't worry about calories since I'm not exercising to lose weight but I do use the number for how hard of a workout it was-since the only way on our bikes (Keiser) is to keep the RPM and the gear up high.  Normally my goal is 20 miles and 600 calories- Tuesday it was 700 calories and 23.5 miles.  Anyone know the bike to run ratio?  I figure my Garmin gives me about 100 calories for 1 mile so is that the equivalent to 7 miles running?  

Wednesday- 6x400 at 5k pace (7 min mile) 13 hour day at work- no energy after. 

Thursday(today)- Rare day at work where we had a more flexible schedule.  I had a break from 11-1 so took advantage of another mild day in Ohio to get out and run.  5 miles in 43mins ( 8:33 pace). I would love to have job that I could run at lunch everyday!  I unfortunately only get 50 mins for lunch- so changing, running, changing, then's probably not really worth it, when I can run after work- but it's nice to get outside in the middle of the day!

Friday- planning on 3-3.5 tomorrow am, since we're supposed to get severe t-storms/tornados tomorrow afternoon.  

Saturday- spinning? or running long?

Random stuff:
  • Signed up for a running clinic.  This is an early birthday present to myself.  I've heard they work you hard- looking forward to sharing what I learn.    
  • My new favorite beer- Bell's Two Hearted Ale- yummy IPA from Michigan (sorry- completely random- but really- you have to try it!)
  • Thinking about new trail shoes- I have Saucony Peregrines- which I like but am wondering if the lower heel maybe making my PF flare up.  I do most of my long runs on the trails so maybe I should look at a different style shoe?  Any suggestions? Mizunos and Sauconys seem to fit my foot the best.  

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