Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lazy recovery time

Recovery is hard.  I mean, sitting around all day with your foot up, watching the Tour de France, followed by marathon sessions of Mad Men, True Blood (after the children have gone to bed) and Portlandia is really hard.  Actually, I'm so sick of sitting. Couch, arm chair, in bed.  Ugh, Can I just walk already?  I miss getting up and grabbing a cup of coffee, water, etc.
Buster made my whole lunch, cut the apple and everything!

DH, Buster and Cub have all been so helpful.  The boys have made me breakfast almost everyday, and even lunch when DH was mowing the lawn.  I think they've done an amazing job for being 9 and 6. 

It's sad when your big activity for the day is taking a shower.  Although, I did wander out a few times. One trip to Target with the boys.  I have to say I love the scooters.  The boys both wanted a little ride on my lap which worked for about 5 minutes.  I only managed to bang into a few clothing racks (totally embarrassing when you have to go in reverse with the loud "beep, beep").  I think everyone stared at me though, but thank goodness I had that heavy splint on. 

Sleeping with a huge splint on also is extremely annoying.  The first few nights were ok, since I was on pain meds that knocked me out. After a few days though, it was rough.  I don't like sleeping on my
back and I move around a lot at night.  So,  finally managed a way of resting my splint on a pillow so that I could comfortably lay on my side.  Also, getting up in the middle of the night with crutches kind of sucks. 

Ok, so enough with the complaining.  On a positive note, pain has been minimal.  My incision site on the medial side is the one that hurts but I knew that one was going to be bigger.   I didn't know how much bigger since it was wrapped up for 12 days.

Yesterday, I had my follow up appointment.  Here's what I wanted to hear: "Incision looks great, wear your boot, until you can walk without it. No need for crutches anymore.  Feel free to start PT and go ahead and start spinning.  Run when you are ready." 
Here's what I got:  Incisions look great, wear your boot for 3 weeks, no need to start PT yet since they won't be able to do much for you right now, no spinning unless you want a world of pain, crutches as needed. boo.

He did tell me exactly what they (Dr and Resident?) found.  I had a menscoid legion between my fibula and tibia from a high ankle sprain (assuming that was with the initial avulsion fracture) that wasn't the source of my pain but they took it out anyways, they cleaned up the inflammation in my ankle joint called synovitis, and took off 2 bone spurs that were on my talus and my tibia that would bang into each other (otherwise known as kissing spurs) when I flexed my ankle.
All the inflammation was from the spurs not arthritis like he thought.  My cartilage looked great, no lesions.  I'm extremely happy about that since I never believed I had arthritis. I had the symptoms, yes, but I couldn't wrap my head around having it.  I probably would still be in denial even if he told me I had it.  

So, finally got the splint off.  I have a tiny little incision on the lateral ankle side and a bigger than expected incision on the medial side-about 2 inches.  Leg hair shorter than expected (thank God!), and I could actually flex my ankle a little bit (enough that Dr was impressed I do that much after splint).
last of the Oompa Loompa Skin plus some lovely stitches

Pampered ankle with steri-strips and nail polish!

So I get to use my boot again, the ankle is in a different angle now so I'm feeling the incision area more, crutches still.  I can at least put my foot down with minimal pressure on it but it's a start.

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