Sunday, July 28, 2013

Random recovery thoughts

I'm not even sure I should write anything, I've been so boring.  Recovery has been going well.  I've been a very good patient.  I'm doing my lovely at home PT exercises: pointing toes, seated heel lifts (still make my calf shake), writing the ABC's with my foot, pushing in and out on a pillow, seated calf stretches and spreading my toes.  Fun times.  All are pretty easy with the exception of the calf raises (shaking leg) and the complete lack of being able to spread my toes.
Why can't I do this?

The toe thing kind of bothers me.  I can completely focus on it and nothing.  I wonder if it's nerve damage? I don't have any pain or numbness associated with it at all, and I can curl my toes just not spread them- so what ever muscle/tendon that does that, isn't happy.  Does it matter if I can't spread my toes?   My foot doesn't appear to be swollen except to me, I can notice the subtle differences. I'm hoping that the DR will explain that to me tomorrow.

I'm hoping to be done with the boot, since this weekend I haven't been the good patient and I've been walking around without the boot at home.  I wanted to test out the ankle, and it feels weak and stiff, but not painful.  Then when I shower, standing on it for 20 mins it hurts a bit.  The few times we've gone out for errands, I can do about 2 hours in the boot before it hurts enough for me to call it quits.  What does that mean? I guess I'll let my Dr. make that call.

Yep, my exercise buddies on the recumbent.
I started last week going to the Rec for a weights class which is pretty good. I'm sore the next day but not crippling sore like TRX.
Also, I'm riding the recumbent bike for an hour.  That sucks. Not going to lie.
1st- I hate sitting in the angle that seat is at, it hurts my butt and unlike a spin bike, you can't get out of the saddle to get relief.
2nd-Old people like the recumbent, and unfortunately some of them have the old person smell, which makes me gag.  I've only had to leave the bike once and do something else and wait for them to be done.  Good thing, is they don't ride the bike for more than 10 mins.  I cringe everytime someone gets on the bike next to the one I'm on.
3rd- It's not spinning, it's hardly a workout to me. But, I do sweat and get my heart rate up, so... I guess it kind of works.

The thing I'm anxious about, other than the toes, is standing on my ankle in 2 weeks when I go back to work.  I'm able to chill out at home right now, go out a bit, but sit when I need to.  I'm not sure I can stand for about 6 hours.  I'm always tired after for the first 2 weeks or so when I'm healthy, but now?  If I have the boot still, my hip will be screaming at me-since the whole lopsidedness is bad (even with shoes about the same height). If I don't have the boot anymore, I have to pick between cute shoes that have no support and swollen feet or practical shoes (i.e. running shoes) which are not dressy at all.  I hate to be so casual the first few weeks back to work.  I've been so casual the last 2 years with all my foot problems and I really miss wearing cute outfits but running shoes and maxi dresses just don't go together nor do the khakis with running shoes look.

Old Runner's Worlds?

While elevating my foot and chilling out, I went through all my old Runner's World magazines.  That was sort of depressing, but at the same time wishful thinking.  I always try to save the workouts that I want to try and/or stretches and exercises that would be helpful to me. I end up tearing them out and then putting them somewhere and forgetting about them.  I took an idea the my DH does for work and I took pictures of all the articles/workouts and created an album on my phone so that I can access the exercises when I'm at the gym.  Brilliant!


  1. Are you in Cincinnati? I live in Cincy, came across your blog when Googling IMM Race Reports (I plan to do it this year). I see you've done a lot of Ohio races so, I was just curios!

  2. I'm in Dayton,OH. Good luck with the IMM, it was a good race. Who knows, I might try it if I'm back in shape by then.


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