Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cleared to exercise (kind of)

I guess I might as well get one post in before the craziness of back to school/soccer season starts and my blog posts suffer more than they already are.

Ankle, ankle and more ankle stuff.  I swear my life revolves around it. 

I looked WAY cooler with one foot on the ground and the other pushing this forward.
  • Dr said 2-3 more weeks with the boot (I'm writing this at the end of week 2) but I'll tell you I am hurting tonight after just being at work and walking around for about 5 hrs. The last week, I'm supposed to be working towards transitioning into shoes, but honestly, I don't see it.  I'm going from be a couch potato recovery mood for 6 weeks to standing on my feet for 7 plus hours, without a boot?!  I'm going to baby this ankle for at least a week more. 

  • Dr said I could start to exercise on the elliptical (hell NO!) and I could start spinning again.(hell YES)  Yay!  Of course, when I hear "Go" I really went for it.  It happens that they are offering spinning classes multiple times a day this week.  Yep, "overdoing it", 5 classes in 3 days.  It felt great to be back but I'm feeling it a bit too.  My ankle didn't hurt while doing it but it was swollen and tender later.  

  • I started PT this week.  Sadly, it was like a homecoming of sorts since I have been going there all spring.  My one PT said I should get a personalized parking spot since I'm there so much.  I shouldn't be surprised that I can't do much, but sometimes I really am.  Today, I had to put my foot on this sliding board and just push it forward and backward.  Holy cow, that hurt like crazy.  Pushing my foot back was insanely hard and did I mention it hurt?

  • On top of my celebrating my return of sorts to exercising, my FAVORITE brand for workout shirts is having a SALE which they never have.   YMX Yellowman  has the most amazing shirts.  Normally the tees run about $70 but they are on sale for $30.  I have 2 already and have worn them at least once a week for the last year. They wash up amazing, they have fabulous designs and the maxcool fabric feels like silk yet wicking!  I just bought 2 more and a tank.  I can't wait to see what is up next since they are only doing a few items for 3 days then its on to something else for $30.  Here's my review from last year.  YMX shirt review
Obligatory Ankle Scar photos
This is about 4.5 weeks post op

What an "mini open partial excision" scar looks like. Not as mini as I'd hoped. That's about 1.5".

tiny ankle arthroscopy scar

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  1. mmmmmmmm, nice feets and i like your cute sexy toes wow xoxoxoxo.


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