Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Air Force Recap aka I did it!

Can you say busy?  PT x3 week, 2 boys x2 soccer games a week, attempting to spin1-2x week, work x5, oh, and we found a house we want to add in realtor, etc = blog failing to get updated.

So I'll give you my update in picture format.

"Run as tolerated"

Shout out to my running partner who got 2nd in her age group!

I have to explain, the dips are my walk breaks which get farther apart as I go!

No pain after!Shocking, I know, for me too! I was expecting some at least.

 So, after 2 PT sessions this week, they've let me go! I'm going to be taking it easy since my IT bands are tight this week, but hoping that the foam roller will help out.  So from ankle surgery to half marathon 12 weeks and 1 day. 

Now....for that Flying Pig Marathon in May...

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