Friday, August 19, 2011

Goodbye Babydom!


So, here I am waiting for my boys to head off to a birthday party so that I can sneak out the old "baby" toys out of the basement and take them to a "Diapers and duds" sale at my rec center.   We did this last year and got rid of so much stuff plus made enough $$ we didn't go to the ATM in the fall!

I'm finding it easier this year, maybe since the clothes and toys (the stuff that didn't sell last year) have been sitting in tubs waiting for this years sale. Or maybe since my hubby and I have decided that we're done!  The boys are not babies any more and the farther away "babyhood"'s easier to put it behind me.  I've never been a "baby" person.  I love my own, but I'm not one to get all in someones face to hold a baby or make the googoo sounds.  They're cute but I'm happy to be done. (The diapers, nursing, spit ups, lack of communication skills uggh.) 

Also, I have put way too much work into getting back into shape after babies... :-)  Speaking of...

This week I ran a tempo run of 45 mins at 7:30 pace for 20 and 7:41 pace for 25.  It was probably too fast, since it's basically my race pace for the Flying Pig 10k this last April, but I've been feeling so strong, I think I definitely could do faster.  I do feel like I kind of cheat on those since I use the treadmill for tempo runs.  I've read that tempo runs should be done on TM since you can control the pace and elevation but can I hold that pace outside on my own? But I really like it since I can kind of veg out and and just run and watch a bit of TV.  The whole TV thing is a new concept for me (I've only done it 3 times), it kills the time but I feel my form is a bit off since I'm looking down at the screen.  So, I did this hard workout last night, woke up feeling like a truck had hit me  great, ready for my race this Sunday. 

 I'm running the Little Miami 10k down in Morrow, OH. I'm looking forward to it.  I haven't raced a 10k since the Pig and this is supposed to be a "training" run not really a hard race.  We'll see how that goes.  I'm not good at holding back or pacing at races.  I'm dragging the fam with me since it will be the day before school starts and this is a great way to get them up way early so that they go to bed way early.  This will also work for me since my big girl job is starting up again on Monday as well.

and now. My boys this 4th of July- no longer babies!

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