Monday, August 15, 2011


So I haven't blogged in a few days, been busy getting the house/kids/life back to normal after having guests for a week.  We had a blast with my mother and my nephew.

Cub and my nephew ready for wacky Wednesday at soccer camp.
  I'd signed the boys up for soccer camp together with Skyhawks sports camps.  They were amazing.  The counselors were so enthusiastic that you couldn't help but love being there.  They made every kid feel great and happy to be there.  I seriously want to know how they do it!  It was a great first experience for my nephew who hasn't had any sports experience.  They did all sorts of fun stuff including wacky Wednesday.  Nothing like watching kids play soccer in halloween costumes!  I'm so glad that my nephew had a great time.  He wanted camp to last all day.  I'm hoping he'll do soccer this fall.

On Thursday, we went to a Cincinnati Reds game.  We had great weather (thank God!) and the high was only 78 degrees.  Last year we went and foolishly bought tickets in advance for a noon game in July.  Bad Idea.  It was 105 degrees and humid.  It was awful...since then the boys associate baseball games with heat.  But not for us last Thursday!  It was great!!! My mom wasn't looking forward to it and she ended up being the one who loved it the most!  We had great tix (thanks stubhub!) on the first base line, so we could actually see Joey Votto!  I was a bit freaked out about foul balls and we didn't have any until the  8th inning and one came down 2 rows behind us and nailed this guy in the temple (apparently didn't see it coming- my total nightmare).  There was blood everywhere- thank goodness a Dr was walking up the steps and saw it and came to the rescue.  Yuck.  DH kept the boys occupied so they would watch since there was so much blood.    Poor guy, I hope he's ok.

As for running:  I got my tempo run in on Friday.  Had to do it between soccer camp and the pool playdate so it was in the middle of the day, so hello treadmill!  5 miles in 38 minutes.  I'm pretty happy about it since I felt amazingly strong during the whole run.

Before my 10 miler- trust me you don't want to see after!
Sunday I got up and ran 10.5 miles.  I had to run in on my own since my training partner has a pulled hamstring.    It was a great run, the weather was fabulous so I didn't even think about the temperature.  I can't wait til fall for great running weather.  I wore my new Air Force marathon training shirt (love the looks of it, can't get the horrible burnt technical fabric smell out of it- they must of messed up when printing them) and my geektastic compression socks (which felt amazing!). I managed to keep moving all day yesterday so I wasn't too sore today but I can not wait for zumba tonight so that I can shake out my legs a bit. 

So, I know some of you are reading post a comment!  What did you do this summer vacation? Anyone do a Staycation like us? 

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