Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Back to life, back to reality

Vacation is over.  I had a great time wasting time.  I did nothing I planned to do.  But I did go shopping, ran and saw the Hunger Games so I suppose it wasn't a complete waste of a vacation.  I felt refreshed and ready to head back to work until my alarm clock when off at 5:15am and I realized I slept in my contacts.  Great way to start the week! 

Training this past week for the Pig:

Mon- Spinning class (20 miles)
Tues- 4 mile tempo run (7:40 pace) loops around the park where soccer practice is for my son.
Weds- Running clinic
Thurs- 6 miles on the trails. (8:50 pace)  This was the first time I've really done longish mileage out there by myself.  It went by pretty fast.  I tackled the steep hill and didn't stop and walk it. I just kept telling myself it was like a seated hill to a standing hill in spinning class.
Fri- rest day
Sat- 10k race...a little training run/speed workout (more about that in a bit)
Sun- rest/massive pigging out on jellybeans/ robin eggs
 Total miles:  16 (stepping down week)

Mon- Spinning class (21.5 miles)
Tues (today)- 5 miles (8:34 pace)- with some nice hills and 20 mph winds
Weds- (running clinic- last day) + 3 miles
Thurs- 4-5 miles
Fri- rest
Sat- 10 miles in Athens OH.  I. can. not. wait.- we'll be at Ohio University (OU) for something w/ dh, but it also is alumni weekend (yay! we won't be the oldest people in the bars!) I'm looking forward to taking tons of pics during my run! 
total miles:19-20?

Back to that race...

I won! I won! I won!  Yes, I know I'm bragging but I am so excited! Now, granted, this was a very small race- 35 total in my 10k- more ran the 5k.  I was the first woman overall.  Time was 46:52 with my mile average at 7:40.  The part that I'm really excited about is that I felt great, strong, and I wasn't pushing myself (too much). I was truly surprised to see my time was so close to my PR from last year (46:45) and I did that with lots of track workouts leading up to that race. I haven't done any this spring (unless you count spinning class). There were lots of people and excitement for the Air Force 10k, but this race I ran alone the whole time.  What could I do when I have people pushing me? 

My new favorite running outfit (running skirts "Mums" and Nike Pro combat tank, runlove compression socks)

How was everyone's Spring Break/Easter holiday?  
Any races coming up that you are training for?  

Feel free to comment people (not that I'm begging, or anything!). 
Let me help you...finish this sentence:  My favorite workout clothes are...

Also, do me a favor and follow me! I won't bite! 

Have a great week and look for pictures of OU in the future! Can you tell I'm excited to go back?

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