Sunday, April 29, 2012

Last week before the PIG! gulp.

So, I haven't been blogging lately since our family schedule has been crazy.  I think we ate at home once last week.  Between soccer practices, games, and being gone a weekend, then guests the next get the idea.  Ok, so here's what I've been doing for the Flying Pig (which is next weekend!!!!)

 Doing the half this year!

Pig training:
Last Sunday-ll miler which sucked.  I had been dreading it, since it was the distance I got hurt on in the fall.  I procrastinated on Saturday and finally ended up doing it on Sunday.  It was not a good run.  My hips hurt, my knees hurt, my heel (gulp) started hurting the last mile or so.  I was just happy to get it out of the way!  **Good thing** heel didn't bother me at all the rest of the day, so it wasn't plantar fasciitis- thank God!

Monday- Spinning class 20 miles with lots of hills.

Tuesday-  Multitasking day- Tempo run during soccer practice.  Did 5.8 miles at 7:50 pace. I'd started out for just an easy run, but I wore my Kinvaras, which always make me feel speedy. Plus, all the soccer moms watching me, made me push myself a bit more.  It was super windy as well, so good resistance training.

Wednesday- Spinning class, 22 miles, hills- a PR of sorts- burned 700 calories!  I say that- but I doubt it's true, since you can't put in your age or weight.  I like to use the calories to see how hard of a workout it was, since if you have low resistance but high mileage you won't get many calories burned.  you have to have high resistance and miles.  Normally, I try for 20 miles and 600 calories.

Thursday- Rest day- soccer practice and soccer game = rest day for mommy

Friday- quick 3 miler after work before getting the boys

Saturday- 2 rained out soccer games = extra time in the am for spinning class, 18.5 miles (586 calories).
Today- 12 miles on the trails with my running bud, Carrie.  Hips, knees felt fine, heel bothered me a bit the last 3 mile loop.  I've been using my spikey golf ball and icing today. Hoping tomorrow it will be fine, like last Monday.

So true!

Now, time for "Taper Tantrums".  This week should be pretty easy on the training.  Planning on Spinning on Monday, 3 easy miles Tuesday, off Wednesday, 2 on Thursday, off on Friday & Saturday.

Now, I get to worry about the weather on Sunday morning, the perfect racing outfit, and dealing with the insane time of getting up for a 6:30 am race time, which I have to drive an hour, etc.  I'm thinking a 3:30 am wake up.  Yuck.  Next year, hotel in Cinci.  

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