Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pre race goals and worries

Flying Pig 1/2 marathon is tomorrow!  I'm so excited yet anxious at the same time.  I signed up for this a week after my plantar fasciitis seemed to be gone.  So far, it has been tamed... My foot still hurts but it's different closer to my toes and arch not in my heel. It's not all the time So...I'll take that as a go and that I'm healthy! 
So this is what my last week of training for the PIG  has looked like:
Sunday- 12 miles
Monday- 18 miles in Spinning class
Tuesday- 3 miles in the heat- yuck!
Rest of the week- resting.

I'm feeling good.  My only major stresses are what to wear and dealing with parking on race day!

 I had planned a tank I bought a while ago, but I've only wore it once in April since it's been so cold.  It's a pretty sweet looking Adidas lime green tank.  I got it at the Adidas outlet and they only had small and extra large.  I tried the small and I thought it fit.  I've run it but when I did, it was freezing and I had a top over it.  Now, I'm wondering if it is too snug. It's not super soft. I don't know how forgiving it will be.  We'll what ever I where it will be a running skirt and some form of a tank.  Starting time temp is supposed to be 63 degrees.  Should be good- perfect would be in the 50s. 

As for my goals for time:

Goal A:  1:45
Goal B:  1:49.07 (current PR)
Goal C:  Break 2 hours

It is a hilly course (another worry of mine) I won't be surprised if I don't PR-I'll be ok with that - really. the same time...I've PR'd in the 5k, 8 seconds off my PR 10k  time  both this maybe?

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