Monday, May 28, 2012

Cub's first 5k

Just like mommy!
I am so proud today! My most memorable race to date.  I finally got to run a 5k with my son, Cub.

  We'd plan on running one last fall after the Columbus Half marathon but since I was injured that was out.  It was hard to be a cheerleader when I wanted to be running it with him.  But finally I got my chance, it was a fundraiser that my running partner had organized.  It was pretty low key and I'd planned on running 9 on Saturday so I ran 6 before the race and then the 3.1 with Cub.

We showed up an hour early-which in a way was good since I got to show Cub how to do a sprint start on the track for one of his Cub Scout arrow points.  Then he got his soccer ball out and practiced running down the field and kicking goals for about 30 mins. 

When the race started, I had to hold Cub back a bit, since he wanted to sprint after the other kids who'd gone out too fast.  We managed to pass all of them in the first mile or so as they slowed down or stopped.  He was so cute since he kept wanting to look back and see where his competition was.  I told him to always look ahead and focus on the next runner.  He was such a trooper.  I think he was getting almost annoyed with me since I kept asking him how he was feeling or if he wanted to slow down.  I'm glad I had an extra water bottle so he kept hydrating since it was a hot one! 

Here were his/my splits:
1 mile:  8:06
2 mile: 8:38
3 mile : 8:56 (hill)
overall time: 26:30 for Cub
Overall:  9th overall/ 61 finishers
Age Group: 1st!

I'm so happy/proud of him.  It was so much fun running with him.  I can't wait for many more races in the future.  He wants to do a 10k next, but I think were going to wait  awhile for that.  The only training he did was soccer practice/games.

Here are some pictures from the race.  Enjoy!

Love how in sync we are in this one
Leaving mommy in the dust

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