Sunday, June 3, 2012

Air Force Marathon training week 3

This was such a non week for me but here it goes...
Monday- spinning nothing/ "rest day" Memorial day- no classes at the rec- as it should be.
Tuesday- run 3 √
Wednesday- run 5 ran 6√
Thursday-run 3 watched soccer tryouts instead
Friday- rest √
Saturday- spinning watched soccer tournament instead
Sunday- run 6√

 Total: 15 miles

Next race:  Canton 1/2 Marathon in 14 days- which is supposed to be a training run.  We'll see.

Anyways, here are some pictures from this week!
Cub smiling after a well played tourney

Buster playing barefoot during the half

Also- If anyone is interested in an Air Force 1/2 marathon bib- I have one, let me know if you would be interested in buying  it.  Need to act very soon.  I have to sell it by June 15th.


  1. Yes! I would like it! Let me know how much and what I need to do!

    Tara B

    1. Tara- It's 73.50 that's how much it cost me back in March. I already told someone about it but she's on the fence. I'll text her and find out if she's decided.

    2. Is the bib available still? I'd be happy to run under someone else's name! If so, please email me at Thanks!

    3. Sorry, Tiffany, That was last year! The transfer window is closed and as much as I'm not ready for this half this year I'm going to attempt it.


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