Friday, June 15, 2012

Road Trip!

Family reunion time! sort of.  Heading to Akron to visit my mom and stepdad, but it works out that my brother is going to be in town from Utah, and my dad will be in town from Arizona.  Can't wait to see everyone together.

 I'm hoping the drive there will be uneventful, but I'm going to have 3 very tired boys in the car.  My dh and cub have been doing cub scout camp all week, and last night cub's friend spent the night (also a cub scout).  They got up at 6 this morning and after swimming and sun I'm sure cub's going to be a bear (forgive the pun!) later.  Also, Buster has been going to baseball day camp (although only half days) he too got up early.  Now add my dh who will be exhausted from being in charge of the pack this week, I'm hoping we'll get through the drive without too many issues.  I'm seeing the portable DVD players being busted out in the near future. 

I'm also running the inaugural Canton Marathon well, the half, on Sunday.  The temps look a little warm, low for Sunday is 67.  Start time is 6am. I'm sure it won't be a problem since I should be done in 2 hrs, but they are already offering deferrals until next year for the Full marathon runners.  I wondered when I saw the Canton Marathon booth at the Flying Pig expo that it would be too warm for a June marathon in Ohio. Then I went and signed up for it. Ha.  Just must remember that it's a training run.  I'm going to go on feel, since there is no point in stressing about pace.  It's going to be hot, humid and it's not what I've been training for, so just a nice training run with a tshirt/finishers medal. 

I think they are hoping to be packed too!
Air Force Marathon Training week 5:
Sunday- 11 
Sunday- 13.1

So, in hopes that someone actually reads this...

Any big (running or non-running) plans for this weekend?  Training runs?  

And I rediscovered  So here's a picture to leave you with
Persistence Demotivator

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