Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Race Recap: Cincinnati Flying Pig Half Marathon

Saturday:  The Expo 
 Last year when I did the Pig 10k I didn't go to the expo.  A friend of mine when down and got our packets.  I'd heard it was pretty good expo, plus lots of swag in the race saddled up the boys and dh and headed off on Saturday afternoon.  I wish I'd had more time, and frankly, the boys hadn't come.  They were being typical 5 & 8 year olds (not the ideal shoppers- or good in crowds in general).  I did manage to swing by the Proctor & Gamble swag table and pick up some nice toothbrushes, loads of Dawn dishsoap, and Olay lotions.  

Sweaty Bands- RunCincinnati
Stopped by the Sweaty Bands booth as well.  I've eyed them for a while, but since I have a small head, I needed to try them on. They are awesome, definitely see why people like them.  Picked up 3 cute ones and hinted to dh (my birthday was coming up) on some other ones. 

So after wondering through the expo and talking to the Air Force Marathon people (more about that later) and Canton Marathon people (just maybe...) finally got to the shirts, bags and posters.  The PIG is known for giving out good swag.  The Asics athletic bag is awesome, definitely worth having around.

Sunday:  Race Day 

Race time: 6:30 am
Temp at start:  not too bad, but the humidity looked bad
Time to get up: 3:00 am
Time to leave the house: 3:45
Time to pick up Running partner:  4:15
Time to get to Cincinnati: 45 mins
That left us 1.5 hrs to park, potty and stretch/warm up (get nervous)

Our drive down was one I don't think I'll ever forget.  We came across a police car on I-75 that was in the left lane and a car that had run into the median and was blocking the road.  Between the car and the police cruiser was 20ish looking man, laying on the road.  No one was helping him, and it looked like he was dead (RIP). I think the policeman had just gotten there, since he wasn't covered up.  The ambulance was coming down the other side of the highway after we passed. Needless to say, it was a somber moment.
Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many. ~Unknown

So, on a happier note...the race.

Carrie and I were in different corrals.  I was in B she was in D so we decided to place ourselves in C.  It was a pedestrian cut through as well, so no one was checking bibs there, so that was pretty easy!  

Miles 1-6 were uneventful.  I went out at the pace I'd thought I could do, little slow the first mile but I was weaving around everyone, trying to find my spot/pace.  I did run into the 1:50 pace group but there were so many people surrounding the pacers it was a traffic jam.  Generally I don't get claustrophobic in races but I had to get around them or to the side.Too many people and too close for my liking.  7th street was a long stretch looking into the sun.  There were tons of people cheering us on.  Refilled my water bottle along the way.
Miles 7-10  Holy Hills!  This was worse than I expected.  I had seen the elevation chart but I never really grasped how many and how big those suckers were!  First hill, I was thinking " this is like a standing hill  w/ resistance about 16" on my spin bike, but then you'd turn a corner and there was another hill, etc. The crowd support was great thank goodness.  When we got near the top, there was a spectacular view of the Ohio River and Kentucky.  
Mile 11- all downhill- just let the legs go! Note the time difference for mile 10 and 11.
Mile 12-13.1- sunny, hot, and I'm tired.  The finish line could not get there soon enough. I thought for sure I was shuffling along.  I realize I really should have had another Cliff Blok on at mile 9.  

Love the instant gratification of race results right after you finish!

Overall, it was a great race.  I didn't PR but I'm pretty darn proud of my time. It was a tough course. Even better, no foot problems what so ever!   Will I do it again?  We'll see. Now, time to tackle 26.2 in the fall. 


  1. Congrats Heather. I've been thinking of trying to get into running. Need to stop being so lazy and go for it. J. Crawford

  2. J- you do. Just sign up for a race, then you have the motivation to start! Couch 2 5k is a great way to start-they even have an app!

  3. I have gotten as far as downloading an app. Now for the next step

  4. get a great pair of running shoes at a running store. It's worth the $ to have a pair of shoes that fit your foot/body. Here's a good one I"ve heard about in Cbus


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