Thursday, July 12, 2012

Quiet life

 sun sun sun

It's been a pretty/relaxed few weeks here.  Last week we were trapped most of the time inside since the temps here in the 100s.  The kids were going stir crazy.  There is only so much time they can handle together before they are whining/picking on each other... until all the neighborhood kids show up, then it's outside time in the hose!

One of the problems, is Cub (my oldest) loves to read- he has his nose in a book from the time he wakes up and I have to take books away from him at night so he sleeps.  I love it.

But...little brother Buster hates it.  He wants Cub to play with him.  Buster has never been the kid who will sit down and play by himself.*  He was actually ripping books out of Cub's hands and demanding that Cub play with him. 

*He only plays "CalvinBall" which is a very soft stress ball which he kicks around the living room and makes up points and teams- which is great but lots of running around in a small space.  Good thing- he's got amazing foot action for soccer.

My training was pretty good last week- despite the heat- some early mornings!
or earlier...

Air Force Marathon Training Week 8

Monday- Spinning class
Tuesday- muggy 4 miles at 6:30 am
Wednesday-4th of July- rest day
Thursday- 7 miles at 6 am
Friday- rest
Saturday- 15 miles! 
Sunday- rest

Saturday's temperature was going to be 111 degrees, with the heat index at 117.  Super hot. I wore my new Mizuno Wave rider 15s (bright yellow-love!), new water belt, and I forgot my Garmin. What could possibly go wrong?
 We started at 5 am, ran 4 miles on our own, then at 6 met up with the Up and Running group for another 6 miles, then did another 5 miles after.  15 miles run before 8:30 am.  Yay!  It was nice to break up the run as well.  The 5 am part felt completely different, running in the dark and the humidity was brutal.  6 am was actually cooler, beautiful sunrise.  7 am part - well- we were almost done- so didn't really care at that point. Thank goodness, my shoes felt great, figured out  how to get rid of the bounce in my water belt, and Carrie had her Garmin.   I just wondered how am I going to run another 11 miles on top of that.
The rest of the day was on the couch, watching the Tour de France (not looking good for Cadel this year) and hanging out in awesome compression socks!  I love having a legit reason to laz around.

Air Force Marathon Training Week 9

Monday- Spinning
Tuesday- 7 miles at 6 am
Wednesday- 4 miles at 6am
Thursday- Spinning class tonight
Friday- rest or 4 miles (haven't decided yet)
Saturday-rest or Spinning class
Sunday- 13 miles on the trails (It's a step back week on long runs)
Great Lance quote
Love this quote- don't care if you're Armstrong haters.

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