Sunday, July 29, 2012


Air Force Marathon training Week 11

Monday- Spinning
Tuesday- 5 miles in the humidity at 6:30 am
Wednesday- 8 miles around the neighborhood
Thursday- Rest
Friday- Long run.  18 miles! Longest run yet.
Saturday-rest (road trip to Detroit)
Sunday- rest

beautiful morning sky on Friday
 Carrie and I met Friday at the high school at 6 am and set off for a nine mile loop.  It was super humid (around 90% when I checked before leaving this am).  My hip has been been bothering me a bit this week, so I was a bit nervous that it might not let me finish the run.  It was ok, I could feel it the whole time, but it really wasn't until I stopped then started up again that it really hurt.  I'm going to keep stretching and foam rolling and hopefully that will do the trick. 

My one irk was my Garmin stopped showing the stats and showed only the "% battery remaining" screen. Has anyone had that happen to them before? So when I started fiddling with it I stopped the workout.  Grrr.  So started it again, then accidentally put it on "distance workout" and it was limited to 5 miles so it appeared to stop after 5 miles but I chose not to mess with it.  It continued to do the splits. 
 Anyways,  we decided to do the loop backwards after a quick pitstop at the school for water and Nuun.  The way we always go seems to have long uphill stretches so we thought we'd have an easier time of it, but all we did was find hills we never knew/noticed existed. 

At the end, I was spent.  The last mile was so hard.  I kept thinking, how am I going to run another 8.2 miles? That's another hour running!  Also, I feel like I've gotten so slow.  I used to run 8:30 miles easily now we're pushing 10 mins a mile.  I'm hoping it's just the heat and humidity of the summer.

In happier news, my dh and I had our 12th wedding anniversary a few weeks ago.  My dh had order for me a medal hanger for all my running medals.  I love it! Especially since I'm not a jewelery type of girl.  

It says "Run faster Mommy" quote from Buster at a race.
So my questions for you, my dear readers...

1.  Anyone have a Garmin that acts up on a run?  What do you do?
2.  Hip problems from running?  I think it's my hip flexor or my piriformis muscle.  
3.  Anyone have doubts about finishing a marathon?

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