Friday, September 23, 2011

Finally Friday!

What a week!

Saturday- Air Force 10 k race for me and soccer game for Buster
Sunday- Buster's Birthday and crazy birthday party with 15 5-8 year olds.  (What was I thinking?!)
Monday- Work, soccer practice for Cub, zumba and weights for me
Tuesday- 10 x 400 on the track at 10k pace 5k pace (7 min miles)
Wednesday- Meeting after work, 5.5 mile run with zumbachica, soccer practice at 5:30 for Buster, 6:30 soccer practice for Cub (DH and I take a soccer practice shift)
Thursday- 50 min tempo run  3.1 mile tempo run plus 2 mile warmup/cooldown + weights
Friday- Pizza, beer and a movie :-)

On the schedule for tomorrow:

6 or 7 am- 12 mile run
10 am- soccer game for Buster
1:30 - soccer game for Cub
1-5- The boy's school's picnic
at some point I'll get groceries since there is nothing in the house hence the aforementioned dinner choice tonight.

Bring it!
This is my track, I can run to it from my house and it's usually unoccupied.  I love it, it's next to a lake, it's cinder (which can be dirty but who wants white shoes anyways?)  Tuesdays I'm here for my workout, just me, myself and I oh and the jr high football team on the field next to it.  I kicked butt this past Tuesday! 
My plan was 5 x 800 at 10k pace, but I wasn't feeling it in the warm up so decided to do 10 x 400 instead (same distance just broken up differently, right?)  I hit 1:45 for every single one.  I think that pace  just works for me!  I thought, until just now, ha ha, that I'd run them at 7:30 pace (umm, make that a 7 min pace) not a 10k pace but a 5 k pace.

Anyways, killed them, even managed to put the jr high kids to shame since they had to join me for 2 laps in their pads.  Talk about stinky!  I started to gag running by them! 

I stopped my app on the phone and this is what showed up!  So much for reliable...I promise you I did not cut across the middle of the field...  Must talk DH into getting me a garmin for an early xmas gift. 

Have a great weekend everyone! 

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