Saturday, November 5, 2011

Expanding my horizons and new attitude

Plantar fasciitis is really annoying.  It's been nearly 4 weeks since my half and I still can't walk without pain.  I've had some better days and started thinking I was on the mend, then the next day would be awful.  Seriously?  So annoying.

I decided to try a spinning class at my rec center last Saturday.  I was hooked after the first class.  I got a great workout and it didn't bother my foot and I wasn't sore the next day-except for noting that I sat on a bike for an hour.  Anyways, it was good.  It helped having some of my zumba/rec center peeps there so it wasn't all strangers.

So of course, I decided that this will be my cross training...went to another 2 classes this week (Tues and Weds) and Thursday I had so much pain in my heel, I seriously felt like I'd taken a few steps back in my recovery.  Probably didn't help, that I decided to wear a different pair of athletic shoes and I didn't put my orthotics in.  I regretted that decision as I walked in to work from my car.  I'm so sick of wearing running shoes to work- it's putting a serious damper on the work wardrobe. My pain was in a different spot, not directly under the heel but on the side under the ankle.  My PT told me it was the posterior tibialis tendon and he massaged it along with my plantar fascia on Friday.  We also talked that it might be the toe straps on the spinning bike that might be bugging it.  I was to test this theory today and see how tomorrow is.  Of course, today, my heel was bugging me when ever I stood up on the bike.  Grumble.  

Before spinning, I took a TRX class.  I know I need to add more strength training to my routine.  I just did weights with my legs and my arms and core seriously need help.    Wow.  My body feels like jello this afternoon.  I know that both the spinning and TRX are going to help my running in the spring. 

Looking at the positives:  PF is making me have to cross train.  WHICH. IS. GOOD.  I need it- I will come back a stronger runner.
Negatives:  I can't run and it's been 34 days since this whole thing has started. I am not a very patient person...can we be done with this?

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