Saturday, November 19, 2011

ummm, wrong way

Warning: whine-fest

Last weekend we tackled raking our backyard.  Innocent enough, right? That isn't exercise...really.  Well, after raking, hauling tarps of leavings up hill and on lumpy grass, my heel was killing.  I had been feeling great the few days before (really starting like I was getting somewhere in the recovery dept) and suddenly I was back to feeling like I'd run 5 miles the day before (would have loved to have actually done that). 
This whole week has just been a huge step backward.  Walking at work has hurt more than usual.
Tuesday's spinning class hurt when I stood got out of the saddle (which I did modify btw). grumble grumble grumble.
Weds. I had PT and I now believe that the ultrasound actually does do something because I felt way better after.  Weds. night spinning class was back to normal didn't feel anything when I got off the saddle.  
The mornings have been worse too.  I have been wearing a night splint since the beginning of this whole Plantar Fasciitis stuff. (48 days- not that I'm counting) The night splint has been keeping my foot in position so that when I get up in the morning it doesn't re-tear/stretch the plantar fascia.  I version I have has velcro around the toes and the velcro has gotten a bunch of fuzz (flannel sheets) on it recently and it has been unhooking in the middle of the night.  I've woke up and fixed it but I don't think it's as tight as it should be.  I tried wearing the sock splint but that one drives me crazy since it pulls on my toes and the velcro by the knee rubs my skin. 

As for treatment, my PT left a message w/ my dr. about getting a script for the iontophoresis.  Which according to the  "Iontophoresis, in which a corticosteroid solution is applied to the skin over the painful area and the medication is absorbed with the aid of a nonpainful electric current".  I really hope I can try this since foolishly I looked up on youtube cortisone shot for plantar fasciitis.  Holy crap- I really don't want it now.  I didn't realize, it's not a normal shot.  1. needle is huge, 2. they move it around while it's in your heel, 3. it hurts like hell (at least for the girl who recorded herself getting one)  I won't post the video since I can't watch it again.  Anyone have experience with a cortisone shot? 

Let's hope next week is better!  Off to stretch! (and unfortunately rake the front yard- as least there are less leaves!) 

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  1. I thought about the night splints, but figured it would prevent deep sleep and be worse then heel pain for a few minutes after waking.

    I personally find that a few weeks away from distance running, and wearing Nike Structure shoes tend to put the PF at bay.

    Keep us informed.


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