Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mommy stuff

What a long, busy week!  Between physical therapy, spinning classes, meetings and team and birthday parties (which I must thank my awesome dh for taking the boys too-so I could spin!)I was ready for a boring Friday night.  Nothing to do, except hang out with the boys. 

Cub and I have been reading Harry Potter and we're on the 4th book and ABC family has the Harry Potter weekend going on!  So we watched the 2nd movie together.  I think Buster enjoyed it too, especially since both boys went to an awesome Harry Potter themed costume party last weekend. Today we're going to rake leaves- so exciting!  That's absolutely fine with me.

Injury update:  Less pain yesterday.  Actually feel like I might be getting somewhere.   I don't have the pain in the heel when I get up out of bed (I use a night splint-which definitely helps out too) but by the time I'm at work it's hurting or if I walk fast (which is how I usually always walk). We're working on strengthening my foot since my pt thinks it's a strength issue.  He mentioned trying Iontophoresis which  is the use of electric impulses from a low-voltage galvanic current stimulation unit to drive topical corticosteroids into soft tissue structures (According to AAFP).  I think I'd prefer this to a shot in the heel with cortisone.  I've been trying be the model patient.  I do my stretches everyday, ice a few times a day, always wear my orthotics (including in my slippers!), not doing any running :(   
Note:  if you can run you should do my virtual 5k, times need to be sent to me by Monday, Nov. 14th! 

Mommy stuff:  My youngest (Buster) was born in September.  I've always planned to start him in school later, since I've always thought boys could use another year to mature.  I'd rather him be 5 for the first month of school then be 6.  I know that when he's a senior in high school that being more mature, physically and mentally will be an advantage.  He's going to be a small guy already.   So imagine my surprise when we went to parent conferences and his teacher suggested that he move up to the 6-9 room next year (which is the Montessori equivalent of 1st -3rd grade).  I was thinking next year he'd do his kindergarten year or the last year in the 3-6 room.  I'm really proud of him that he's doing so well, and I know that in the Montessori system that he will be fine right now, but what happens when he's 13 and starting high school?  My stepmother was a elementary teacher and she has always said that she never met a parent that regretted starting their son later.  My friends at work agreed.  Good thing I have a year to really decide and I know that we probably could keep him in the 6-9 room another year too.

What would you do? 

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