Sunday, January 22, 2012

Getting to know me ...the ABCs

A for Athens, OH- Home of Ohio University, my alma mater and where I met my dear husband (dh).
B for Boys- I have a whole house of them, even the cats!
C is for Columbus Half Marathon- My first/only half I've done. I plan on doing it again in 2012. 
Coffee- I don't wake up w/o it!
D is for Dirty Dude Girl 5k- My first 5k that I actually trained for post-babies.  It was really muddy and a ton of fun!
E is for Enrique- Enrique Iglesias- last concert I went to- plus his birthday is the same as mine- including the year.
F is for Flying Pig- Cincinnati's Flying Pig Marathon. I want to do that this year or next. Did the 10k last year, might try it again, since my heel isn't healed yet. 
Fascia- tough tendon like stuff on the bottom of your feet.  Next time you cut up chicken- note the white stringy stuff that's tough to cut- that's fascia. Lovely isn't it?
G is for goals- I need goals especially for running.  This year's goals keep changing but as of now:  Not to have PF pain after running, to train and run a 5k in a "decent" time, run/train for 13.1 in the fall.
H is for healing my heel- plantar fasciitis is NOT fun.

Chester with my frozen H2O bottle
I is for icing- frozen water bottle, rolling it under my arch.  
J is for jogging- a term I can't stand to use or hear people use.  It just reminds me of Ron Burgandy and him taking up the new sport of "yogging". 
Kinvaras w/lucky green socks
K is Kinvaras- Saucony Kinvaras are my race shoes.
L is for lasagne- my favorite food!
M is for- Mizuno Wave Riders- my favorite running shoes
N is for No, my usual answer to my boy's questions.
Never give up! Must keep telling myself that.
O is for Ohio State Stadium- "the shoe" Ran on the track there (which now doesn't exist) for the 1993 State meet for track with my 4x800 relay team. I think we were 14th place out of 16 teams- but we made it to state!
P is for planning-  I love training plans.  Hal Higdon's are my fav.
Plantar fasciitis- the most annoying injury known to man- will it ever go away?
Q is for- Qualifying for Boston some day- you got to have a dream!
R is for- Running Skirts absolutely love these skirts- the most comfortable thing to wear to run in. Worth the money. Plus super cute!
S is for stubborn- yep, that's me!
Spinning- my favorite new cross-training activity.
T is for - Tours, France- studied abroad there in college
Top Gear- my favorite TV show currently
U is for Utah- my brother just moved out there. He's a professional photog so if you want to see some awesome pics- here's his link
V is for- Valencia, Spain.  I spent a year living there as an exchange student.
Boston, last January
W is for winter- not a fan. I hate being cold.
X is for- XC- how I got started running back in 8th grade, when I didn't make the volleyball team.  Thanks, Mr. Eleo and Brewer!
Y is for yuck- spiders, snakes, and beets!
Z is for- ZUMBA which got me back to exercising after having Buster in 2006. 


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