Monday, January 30, 2012

Yay! and Double Yay!

I had my Dr. appt today to see my results of my MRI.  Yep, I have plantar fasciitis but no stress fracture (which I never really thought I did) or anything weird (wasn't worried about that either).  The good news is that it hasn't been hurting now for almost two weeks.  My doctor wasn't surprised, since it is either the cortisone or it finally just went away.  I guess it just goes away quickly as it came in the first place. I'm still a bit nervous it will come back, so I will continue stretching like a mad woman and using my spiky hard golf ball on my foot. 

I went for a celebratory run with my new Garmin 405cx watch that came today in the mail!  I'm in love.  I have always liked to know my splits and between my old timex and mapmyrun app on my phone it's been kind of working.  I had wanted the Garmin for awhile but they are pricey and then with my heel, I figured there was no rush.  Someone posted that they had gotten one on and I got curious again and looked around on Amazon.  The price seemed to have dropped since a few months ago.

Yay for me.  It was super simple to set up.  You need at least 3 hours to charge it which worked out since I got it when I came home at lunchtime, plenty of time for it to charge, go to my Dr. appt, come back for a run!  It is really simple to use yet so high tech.  I loved to see my splits without having to be aware of where the mile actually was to press split on my just showed up.  There is a little runner guy that is supposed to be your ave. pace for your age/weight/fitness and it will show you if your pace is faster or slower than the suggested pace.  Afterword, with one little download from, my watch was talking to the iMac and voila:  stats galore!  Here's what my first run looked like.
Can you find where I stopped for a car? Hint: look at the blue part. So cool!
  I can only start to imagine what this means for my training....  speaking of....

I'm trying to decide between a 10k or another half in the beginning of May.  I was originally thinking the Flying Pig 10k again since I did that last year, I would only need 8 weeks of training which would give me some more time to build a base back up.  Or do I try for another half? There are 2 possiblities- the Flying Pig Half or the Cap City Half on May 5/6th.   I kinda want to do the half, since training would start in the next few weeks (but the mileage is still low) but I know it probably wouldn't be my best effort.  And, I don't want a repeat of PF...

What races are you doing this spring?  Any suggestions for running the 10k or Half? 

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