Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pig training and zoo visit!

Training since last week ummm March 19th:
3/20- attempted a tempo run in 80 degree weather...not fun, when you're not used to it! 2.5 miles at 7:40 pace
3/21- 3.1 miles on the treadmill
3/22- running clinic- plyos, strength training, stretching
3/23- 3 miles in the neighborhood
3/24- Spinning class
3/25- 9 mile trail run with Carrie *No heel bruised feeling*  Yay!

3/26- Spinning
3/27-Tempo run at soccer practice- I love that there is bike path right next to the soccer field that goes around the park for a nice 1.15 mile loop. 3.5 miles overall Yes, I'm one of those moms.
3/28- running clinic- plyos,sprints/working on form, etc
3/29- run 1.5 as warmup, spinning class
3/30- rest day
3/21- rest day
4/1- Longest run in a long time 10.3 miles!!!!!! No problems with my heel again!  (fingers crossed)

4/2- Spinning
4/3-30 min tempo run 4 miles. done.  

So, I've decided that I'm doing Air Force Half Marathon on Sept. 15th.  I had been debating between the 10k and the half.  I got 3rd place in my age group last year in the 10k so I was debating how to train (more speedwork) and still get mileage in for Columbus full or half.   Then the 10k sold out...so the choice was made for me.

That's ok...now it's Columbus Full or Half.  I think, if I'm not forced into committing too early- I'm going to see how the Flying Pig Half goes.  I'm hoping to do as well as I did in Columbus  1hr 49min 07 sec.  But....there are hills and I've not lifted or done much speed work this time around.  So, those are my excuses when I don't make it, ok?
My dad w/Buster.  Gee, wonder what my dad looked like as a boy?

Meanwhile, the real reason I haven't blogged in awhile.  It's been Spring Break and we've had visitors!  My kids have had 2 sets of grandparents visit them this week.  Which has been nice, but there is the stress of having guests (clean, clean, clean) and we don't have a lot of space to visit chez nous.    We managed some how.

Cub with his sheepish smile and a Mexican gray wolf @Cincinnati zoo
We ended up heading to the zoo (actually between grandparent visits).  I hadn't been to the Cincinnati zoo in a long time (in kid years- at least 2 maybe 3 years ago).  Wow! It looks fantastic! And what a difference a few years make, no stroller, potty issues, temper tantrums, etc.  It was just a great time for the boys and for myself. DH had to work. :-(
 Cub has been doing research in school on wolves and (thank goodness) the zoo had Mexican wolves for us to see.  He was so excited.
My favorite picture of the boys at the zoo

There's a penguin in there somewhere

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