Thursday, May 24, 2012

Crazy busy

Quick post since this week has been crazy and so will this weekend!

Air Force Marathon training- Week 2

Monday- Ran 3 easy- felt great after running 8 on Sunday

Tuesday- XT Spinning-  20 miles in 55 mins/ 600 calories- intense

Wednesday- quick 5- dashed out after my youngest decided to tag along to Cub's soccer practice leaving me a free hour.  Managed to keep almost the same splits as last week.  Pretty cool.

Thursday- planned 3 miler after work, then remembered Cub's self-guided conference at school at 3:30, then dh had cub scout planning meeting until um, now- and it's now 9pm, so I'm thinking the run is not going to happen-especially since I'm having a beer while I write this. :-)

Friday-?? 3 miler? I'm not an early morning runner, but if I'm going to do it, it will have to be around 5am... since after work my mom will be visiting, and we have a soccer game at 7 pm

Saturday-6 early, then 5k with my Cub!  Run with the big dogs 5k9 
I can't wait actually to do this. It will be our first race together. Get ready for pictures!

The rest of the weekend I'm going to be painting! Living room, dining room? and hallway.  Probably should be picking my colors...

Other stuff:

1.  Signed up for the Inaugural Canton Marathon well, the half marathon.  It's in a few weeks, on the same weekend I have to run 12 so I figured might as well run 13.1 and visit my mom.  I'm a bit worried about the weather being too warm but I'm not going to race it. Just a training run, just a training run.  Must keep saying that!

2. Compared 2 of my runs for the hell of it.  I was surprised to see how consistent my times were from week to week. It was the same course, I started my Garmin a bit late on my most recent run.

3. Is it bad that I've lived with a ring from a wallpaper boarder that I took down probably 4 years ago, and I'm finally painting this weekend?  It's so hard to paint when we're so busy and the kiddos were younger and its the main room of our house, hard to be elsewhere. 

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