Saturday, December 22, 2012

I'm in a funk

I. Must. Run.

I'm not motivated at all right now.  I haven't run more than once a week in ummm, I can't even tell you it's been so long.

 I blame my damn IT band. 

I went for a run after my last marathon and it seized up and it has been annoying as get out.  I've been following the typical remedies of rest, ice (well, a few times), foam rolling (not daily but more than before) and I had a massage as well. 

When I go for a run it feels fine for the first 2.5 miles then it starts to hurt.  If it doesn't, I get excited, then the next time I go for a run, it hurts again.  So frustrating!  It doesn't hurt unless I run.

 On top of the IT band, we had a crazy family schedule in Nov/Dec trying to squeeze in swim lessons for the boys (on different nights so we were at the rec 4 nights a week!).

Meanwhile, my running partner has been doing fine and got a treadmill, so I get daily reminders that I'm not running and she is.  She's going to be kicking my @ss this spring.  Grrr.. Not that I'm competitive or anything.

So my plan of 13 13.1s in 2013...might not happen.  :-( 

BUT- I decided on this Saturday night (yah, I know, I'm lame), to write up my training plan for the Flying Pig 3 way this spring.  I have 17 weeks before the race.  I have to get back in to shape before actually training!  

And how do you train for a 5k, 10k and a 1/2 all on the same weekend?

I decided to place my faith in good old Hal Higdon again.  I followed the intermediate 1/2 training plan before and he did a great job combining distance and speed, so I thought that would be the best plan.  Here it is:  Hal Higdon's Intermediate Half training plan.  I need to start training on Feb 10th, so I added a build up for the next few weeks.  That requires me to start running at least 3 times a week for 3 miles.  (Ugh, I hope I can!)  I'm also starting to lift now, so once the program starts I can go up to 3 sets.  Also, I want this to be my "A" race so I'm adding in the McMillan training paces to make sure I'm running my Tempos at the right speed.  Then again, maybe I'll still have IT band issues.  Grrrr. 

On top of that, my favorite spinning instructor has left, and a few others who are good are leaving for various reasons, so my go to workout is iffy.  I asked about getting certified to instruct but I'm not sure if that's a good way to go.  I don't think I'd get  a good workout and it's $295 to get certified and no guarantee I'd get the job. (although, the person in charge seemed to be enthusiastic that I wanted to do it.).  Hmm. 

What would you do?

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