Monday, March 11, 2013

baby steps on the sly

Quick post today.  I'm tallying any one whose run 13.1 this month.  The totals from last month are here.  Please let me know via email, comment here or on daily mile how many you've ran this month.  I'm so jealous that you guys are running!  

As for me...I've run now 2x this week- both on the sly.  I'm not supposed to run yet, but
  • last Sun. I ran 4 steps- wow.  I know.  
  • Then this past Saturday, I ran one lap on our indoor track at the rec. 1/11 mile.  Big strides right?  
  • Then tonight, in my grumpiness, I ran 1 mile. (or .9 miles)  I'm going to probably regret that in the morning but for now- yippy!!!!   
  • Granted, my running form is a complete mess and I'm opening myself up to other compensation I will be careful. Plus, my stride was short and choppy and my achilles is tight and behind my ankle bone hurts/stings a bit- so definitely not ready to RUN for fitness yet. 

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