Monday, June 10, 2013

Cincinnati Flying Pig 3 Way Challenge Race Recap: Saturday's races

I had decided to run the 3 way back in October and always had planned on running the 10k as best as I could and then do the 5k with the family.  So that's what I did.

My training had been spotty considering I was/still am coming back from my ankle injury which is BTW is taking way longer than expected.

Week 1 and 2 look good, then injury, then you can see my mileage per week is pathetic considering I was going to be doing 9.3 on Saturday and 13.1 on Sunday
Anyways, I knew I could run 6 miles since I had been spinning as well so I knew my cardio would be there but I wasn't sure how I would do with back to back races then a half the next day.

10k Race

The 10k race would be the only race that I knew I could really try at considering it was a distance I could do and no one would be running it with I decided to put on my music and just do what I could.
I felt pretty good during the whole thing, except mile 4-5 which was against the wind.  I like the 10k because there aren't a ton of people like the half and the 5k.  The "hills" are really the bridges with the exception of one and it's not bad.  My ankle felt decent- just would hurt a bit on the hills.  Finished in 51:31 and got 12th in my AG! WOOT! 

I had about an 1.5 hrs to warm-down/warm-up hang out with the family before the 5k.  This was going to be Buster's first 5k and my DH's first 5k in a few years.

tree climbing before the 5k while I stretched

This was going to be about finishing not about time.  Cub and I were going to run together since Buster and dh were a bit slower than us.  The 5k is so big, it was a bit too crazy.  We were dodging people/walkers the entire 3.1 miles.  It was fun though to go slow and talk Cub through it.  We walked only once which isn't bad at all considering Cub just has been training by playing soccer all spring.

Overall, my ankle felt decent- I was worried that it would be really sore after the 10k considering usually after my runs is when it is the sorest.   I think the compression socks help but also mentally just focusing on the races and not worrying about my ankle helped.  
2 races down, 1 big one to go!

Compression and carb loading for the next race!

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