Monday, January 6, 2014

houses & streaking

I'm back on the bandwagon with blogging, and the temperature is so cold we're trapped inside for the next 48 hours.   

Let's see after my last post....

1. Done with PT for my ankle- no more drama there
2. Bought our "new" house
3. Sold our starter house
4. Moved
5. Worked full time
6. Ran the Runner's World RunStreak
7. Thanksgiving and Christmas


Home buying was thankfully, a pretty smooth process, until the very end.  There always is a snag somewhere, thank goodness for great realtors on both sides and everyone being chill.  I won't say more than that. 
Home, sweet home with character. 

The "new" house is great. Far from being new, it's 98 years old.  Which is very cool (literally very chilly) I love walking around and randomly thinking to myself that "this is actually my house!:-)"It's very much a work in progress, still unpacking and figuring out where to put things.  Our storage is just different than before, just have to remember that we bought it for the character not for ample storage.

Runner's World Run Streak
Finished the streak!

Run at least 1 mile everyday from Thanksgiving til New Years Day.

35 days, 100 miles, longest run was 6 miles.

If you do a run streak in the winter in Midwest you must have the following things:

 1. Windproof & water proof/resistant jacket.  I got my Saucony jacket at the outlets this summer.  Best. investment. ever.

2. Buff - a light weight scarf/headband/earband- I wear mine everyday. I can't stand a cold neck.

3. Good flip mittens.  I got mine at Target, thick, wind resistant, yet easy to get my fingers free for iphone, or garmin controls.
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4. Yak Trax 
 I never slipped, complete confidence in keeping up my normal pace in snow, packed ice. 

5.  Confidence that you will feel better after running. I dreaded some days going out for a run, but always enjoyed it once I was out there. 
Quiet snowy streets to myself

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